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Baba Deep Singh ji - Saviour of Paapis

Dhan Baba Deep Singh ji Shaheed.

Today I’ll not talk about people and their thoughts, I’ll write something about my relation with Babaji.  When I was a kid, my Mother used to tell me about Waheguru, his existence and Power. My Grandfather (Nanaji) started my santhya when I was a little kid. He did sangat of Nanaksar wale Sant Baba Gurdev Singh ji and there was a Nanaksar thaath near my mother’s village where he used to take me. Most of the time, he used to tell me sakhiya of Shaheed Singhs and their presence, and as it is followed in Nanaksar and other sampardas, he read lot of Sukhmani Sahib, as it is believed that Sukhmani sahib brings to you Shaheedi Pehra ( Protection of Shaheed Singhs).

                   The two people he used to talk about most were Baba Deep Singh ji Shaheed and Baba Sukha Singh ji Shaheed. They were his favourite Heroes, as their deeds are unmatched in history. As I grew up, influence of Shaheed Singhs and their lives took over me and I started my research on lives of Shaheed Singhs. I still get amazed sometimes that fifteen years back, I got to read some very valuable and rare granths and books which have been virtually removed from markets and the valuable material in them has been lost. The inspiring and marvellous stories of bravery of puratan Shaheeds which were capable of giving life to a dying person have been hidden from Sikhs and what is being fed through internet and dodgy translations is a very different form of Sikhi, away from truth, mischievously misinterpreted and deeply sectarian, with each of modern day groups claiming to be real and distorting history and maryada to suit their needs. And when the so-called Faithful started distortions and tailoring, nindaks got a chance to question the maryada and history.

                The Piaar and Faith people had 20-25 years ago is gone, and the people who lived through that period of 1984-1994 are today busy in making life for themselves, their children and coming generation good and bright, sitting in luxuries of western countries, without making any effort to stand up, defend and preach Truth of Guru’s Shabad and Sikh History. There are very few out there who are actually doing something for Panth in the field, and most of them are Naujawan Singhs. This period of depression started around 1994-1995 when Panth had to cease its War of Freedom due to circumstances. Situation today is same on Warfront, but it has deteriorated on Maryada and History front. It was during those times when I used to go to lots of Sant Mahapurkhs for guidance and vidya, and at most places, I saw something or another happening which was ‘clearly’ against Baani of Guru Granth Sahib ji. It was during those disheartening times that I heard one Mahapurakh saying in his diwan the following words

‘’ Doing Sangat of a Brahmgiani Mahapurakh never means doing sangat of his body. When you read about a Brahmgiani, you do his Sangat, when you think about a Brahmgiani, you do his Sangat, when you listen about a Brahmgiani, you do his Sangat, when you listen, read his bachans in a book or in an audio cassette, you do his sangat, and when you follow his bachans, you do his Sangat. Just think about a Brahmgiani Sant anytime, he’ll be there, around you, looking at you, protecting you, guiding you. A Brahmgiani is form of Nirankaar, just like Nirankaar Waheguru is everywhere, in every heart, Brahmgiani is also there in everyone, every heart’’.

            That gave me heart, because I knew that in these times it was really hard to stick to Dharam. People thought about ‘Dharha’ (group), not Dharam. Shaheeds thought about Dharam, nothing else. It was really hard to find out the truth with own confused little mind, so I left it on Vadde Babaji (that’s what I call Baba Deep Singh ji) to take me out of this mess and guide me on path of truth, as I knew I was not good enough to directly ask Guru Gobind Singh ji to guide me, me being a Paapi Jeev. I didn’t possess any learning, bhagti, vidya, Jap-tap neither back then, nor do I now. But I believe it was Kirpa of Nirankaar saroop Babaji that led me on this path. And then with the Kirpa, darshans of Brahmgiani Mahapurakhs started, one after another, I had the blessed opportunities to have darshan and listen to bachans of many Brahmgianis (sadly , only a handful of them are present physically today). This was the first fal of Babaji’s Kirpa (I believe so).

       And then after the Kirpa of Vadde Babaji, blessings of various Mahapurakhs (which all happened due to kirpa of Satguru Guru Granth Sahib ji), things started clearing up. It took a bit of time though, but ultimately things got clear. The confusions about Maryada, History and Sampardas got cleared one by one. I had read virtually every Granth and book by the time I was 20, and things did make sense by then. I started asking questions to myself and the got their answers from within myself. This was in line with bachans of a blessed Mataji, who had guided me and my parents in very hard times. She used to say ‘ Son, whenever you have a question or doubt, just do aradas to Maharaj and Shaheed Singhs, you don’t have to go to anyone to get the answer, the answer will come from within yourself’. I was flattered by what Mataji said, but after few days I started having doubts on this bachan. How can someone get the answers if he/she doesn’t ask someone or read from somewhere? Very next day I was sitting in diwan of Baba Paramjeet Singh Dhadda sahib and he told about his experience. He said that when he was born, Sant Balwant Singh asked his father not to send him to school or any other place as ‘all the vidya will come on him from Guru Granth Sahib ji himself’. And he revealed that he hadn’t taken Santhya or music lesson from anywhere, still he could play the Vaaja beautifully and recite Shudh Baani (which I believed after hearing his Paath and Kirtan).

                   Till that day I didn’t believe in this concept of ‘Parokh Giaan’ (invisible transfer of knowledge and wisdom), but I started believing after certain experiences in life. If Sikhi is not all about mysticism, it’s certainly also not all about just reading, listening and talking. Sikhi is deep, more one dives and more precious jewels of Giaan, Prem and Ras one collects. Its just not efforts, kamaai or tapasya of an individual which take one to that place, its all Gur-parsad.  Sikhi is nothing without Gur-parsad, and no one knows how we are going to recieve Gur-parsad.

                Gurparsad is not which can be seen with eyes or expressed through words, its something different, very pure, very high and very deep at same time. Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj always looks after his Sikh, with his Kirpa, with his Daya. And the Daya can be in form of guidance and protection of Shaheed Singhs, sangat of a Naam-rasiya Mahapurakh or a moment in life when Naam of Waheguru starts feeling beautiful and mind starts saying ‘Waheguru’ without any effort. There are a million ways in which Guru can do kirpa on his Sikh, and no one can reject any way. Whatever I say, whatever I write, whatever I share is not mine, these are not my words, that is the reason I have always asked Sangat to question me on ANY point they feel is contradictory to Gurmat or History, because I know and I am sure that the words shared with Sangat have the power to stand any test, as they are words of truth as blessed by Babaji and Shaheed Singhs.
          Sometimes my views and writings are laughed up by people as ‘senseless’ or ‘misguiding’. But then, people with those views are a handful, who does this due to their own personal affiliations and notions of their mind. Sikhi is about Guru and Baani, Sikhi is about those who have lived Sikhi with each breath and have gone to their Guru with honour, Sikhi is about standing and speaking for Truth, whatever the consequences. The One who guides me has been with me, in the hardest of times, at times when I was about to fall, he has held me, when I was about to get lost in darkness of maya and ignorance, he has lighted my path with his mercy. Good times have come and gone, and bad times have come and gone, I have virtually died at point of life, but he has held me and given me life, not only given me life but led me through hardest of times with all his love and mercy.

                 I have talked to various Mahapurakhs, who tend to keep these things Gupt in modern times, and all of them had one thing to say,
‘Baba Deep Singh ji is Jathedar of Shaheedi Fauja, where he stands, Kirpa of Guru Gobind Singh ji follows’.

    Reading lives of Saints like Baba Karam Singh ji Hoti Mardaan, Baba Attar Singh ji Mastuana Sahib and Baba Nand Singh ji, we come across ‘Partakh’ proof of existence and kirpa of Shaheed Singhs, which I will share with sangat in future, and it used to hurt me badly that if all Takhats, all Gurudwaras, All Mahapurakhs and Sants, all blessed souls have kirpa of Shaheed Singhs and Babaji, why don’t they talk about them openly. Getting laughed at or questioned is not an excuse to hide Truth. In fact, this thing can become an inspiring factor for youth around the world to take to Sikhi, Naam and Baani.

                   Today when I look back at my life and my present, I feel grateful to Babaji from all my soul and blood for being in my Life as my guide and mentor. Maybe I haven’t seen him physically, maybe I haven’t had his Darshan in this life, but I believe he is around all the time. He’s been with me where no one else could ever have, He has helped me through the times No one could have, it was with his guidance that I got darshan of blessed souls like Baba Thakur Singh ji, Baba Darshan Singh ji, Baba Hazoora Singh ji, Baba Garhgajj Singh ji and other Mahapurakhs. It’s with his kirpa that I was able to understand the Tatt Maryada of Sikhi, it was with his Kirpa that I was able to understand the true history of Sikhi, and I believe someday, with Kirpa of Babaji and Great Pita Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj, I will be able to understand ‘Ik Oaankaar’, Mool Mantar and Japji Sahib, which I haven’t been able till today. I don’t have any Jap-Tap or any Naam-Kamaaii, and believe me, I am a very big Paapi, but then, as Baba Kundan Singh ji said, ‘Whoever considers himself a Paapi and not able of getting Guru Gobind Singh ji’s Kirpa, should go to Darbar of Baba Deep Singh ji at ‘ Shaheeda Sahib’, and Baba Deep Singh ji shall get even the worst Paapi forgiven and blessed by Guru Gobind Singh ji’.

    Bachans like this can be seen turning into reality at Babaji’s Sthaan in Sri Amritsar Sahib, where even those are blessed and forgiven who have given up all hope of life. (If someone doubts this, he/she can go to any Sunday to Babaji’s place and witness the shower of mercy).  Sometimes mind is puzzled, how much Kamaai Babaji had, how much Jap-Tap he did that even today, after 254 years after his Shaheedi, the faithful still feel his presence, how much Love for Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj he had, that till today he ‘transports and transfers’ Guru’s Kirpa on those who are not worthy of Kirpa. What was his Nitnem? What was his Kamaai? What was his Awastha that till today, even after centuries have passed, no other Sikh Shaheed or Sant has risen to level of Baba Deep Singh ji Maharaj? (sadly, I haven’t got answers to these questions still, and I really don’t wish to get the answers to these as I know I can never comprehend Babaji’s Awastha, as for me, He is Partakh Rabb).

                 I have been sharing Gian blessed by Babaji regarding Sikhi, History and Maryada. And I have always welcomed questions and discussions regarding the things I write or share, as it is duty of Sikhs to discuss Gurmat and Gurbaani. Sikhi is all about Faith and Love, and it is said that ‘one day, we become like the one we love’.

            I know I or anyone else can never be like Babaji, but atleast we can try to be his Charan-dhoor, because sticking to his Charan, one day we can reach Darbar of Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj. Love Sants and you become a Sant, Love Shaheeds and One day you become a Shaheed, love Satguru ji and one day you become a part of Satguruji. It’s all about Love. Sikhi is path of Love, and on this path of Love, who is better inspiration to walk than Baba Deep Singh ji Maharaj, who walked on this Path with his Head on his hand.

                If someone wants to learn Sikhi, learn it from Shaheeds, Shaheeds like Babaji and Baba Mani Singhji, Baba Taru Singh ji and others….they will teach what Sikhi is, how to walk on path of Sikhi and Guru without fear. You will not even know when they come in your life, be a part of your life, and start guiding you and making you able, able of fighting for Sikhi, able of Dying for Sikhi.

              I have felt that kirpa in my life, felt that light and guidance in my life and when due to my own mistakes I go far from them, there comes a time of depression. But then after seeing me stuck in Maaya, they get merciful and hold my hand and show me path again, path brightened by their kirpa and presence. It’s hard to describe it for me though, and it’ll be hard to understand for some people as well, but then, these things are better experienced than said or read.

       Dhan Dhan Baba Deep Singh ji Shaheed Maharaj
Jathedar of –  DamDami Taksal / Misal Shaheedan/ Shaheedi Fauja

Daas- Kamaljeet Singh ShaheedSar

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Babaji-My Support, My Guide

Years ago, I met a Mahapurush, or say, He came in my life as Light of Waheguru, to save me, give me life and guide me onto panth of Wahehguru.  And that Mahapurakh is one of the few this world has ever seen or will see. It was actually ardas of my mother which brought Waheguru’s mercy in my life in form of that Mahapurakh.

              During times of distress and despair, he has held me, like a mother holds his son in her arms. He has saved me from falling in hell a million times, has guided me whenever I am lost in journey of life. In life we have various colours, phases and cycles. There is colour of joy and sorrow, phase of charhdi kala and despair and cycle of fate, of reaping what you sow. Sometimes person gets lost in this, going far from his true self, his purity and innocence, from his basic human nature of being ‘at peace’.

    There are times in life when you become so distressed that life starts looking meaningless, all around, whatever we see looks fake and burning, smiles on faces of people make you envy them, humans don’t look humans anymore, they look like demons and devils, preying on innocence of soul and drinking each other’s blood for survival. And this is true. World is mean, people are mean and mean are the actions of people who do everything for their own self.

 These thoughts often bring me down. Then there are people, pretending to be your friends and well wishers in front of you and talking evil about you on your back, the people, pointing fingers on your character and blemishing character of some innocents with you in the process. What hurts is they pretend to be your friends, utterly religious and humble, do karams of Sikhi, read baani, do Kirtan and have some vidya. But looking at their jeevan, their hypocritical lifestyle and slyness, people around them take up that virtue less lifestyle and become like them.  

  If someone talks about morality and virtues, the people look down on you as being of medieval mindset. If someone talks about standing for your beliefs, they tag you as extremist, if you speak up the truth, take enemies of panth head-on, they label you as agent of evil forces. All these things joined with amount of pakhand and impurity which has crept into Sikhi and Sikhs, disheartens you and then the mind thinks – leave it, give up and live your life. And sincerely, I’ve passed through these situations a hundred times. I have been on the verge of mental breakdown, sometimes even thinking of suicide or going somewhere where I don’t have to face or meet such people who have just left empty karam-kaand, rituals, fake baana, fake samadhiyan, fake show-offs, people for whom virtue, honour and respect are things of middle ages, people who in pride of their materialistic superiority look down on you.

   All these things are reason enough to break down a human, with a living conscience, to make him hate the world, its people and its useless traditions.

 But these were the times My Mahapurakh, My Guide held me. He picked me up when I fell down, gave me courage and support to keep walking on this path, till I get to my destination, Immortality!  

    In all this mess called life, where truth and false, love and hate, honour and dishonour, death and life are intertwined, He has helped me recognize what is Truth and what is False.
He’s guided me with his words and his power, which are a manifestation of his Mercy. Every time life goes down, he watches, and he watches, till I am about to hit rock bottom, and when he sees that now there’s no hope left, he comes and holds sinking boat of my life, just like Guru Teg Bahadur ji did with ship of Baba Makhan Shah and brings it on surface.

     In one of my recent hard times, when it was very hard for me to carry on with life, he held my hand, and said few words, the words which gave me power to continue, to live on.

‘’ In darbar of Guru Gobind Singh ji, when you stand before him, your conscience (antar-aatma) will be a witness to your deeds. The deeds we do overlooking antar-aatma, without listening to its voice, are the ones for which we all pay. So when you stand in front of beloved Satguruji, so that you don’t have to bow your head in shame, do such deeds which will be for honour, for truth and for Guru.
Live your life as Son of Guru, he’ll save you, protect you.  Never step aside or back out from True Sikhi ideals, True beliefs of Sikhi, speak the Truth, even if that means sure death. Don’t leave path of love, even if that means getting burned alive, getting cut to pieces or sawed alive. The world will honour you, Guru will Love you and your Self will become Immortal, powerful and Free!  Protect your Dharam, and one day Dharam will protect you, stand for your Love, and Love will honour you, look at your conscience and your conscience will guide you. Always remember, Guru watches you every breath, every second of life, and He’s the one who does justice to all, being most merciful at same time. Ask him, for guidance, for light and for help. But when you ask him, ask only him, and no one else. Sikhi is path of One, believe in One, Love one. Those who look for guidance and support elsewhere will surely lose the path, lose the game and keep suffering in this circle of life and death, those who have True Guru, Guru Gobind Singh ji looking over them, will be freed by Guru. Those who give up on Guru, on immortal souls, and be slaves of their minds will not get anything. Leave the pretenders aside, they don’t matter to Guru or his Shaheeds, pits of hell-fire are ready for them to burn in. those who can’t speak up and stand up for Sikhi are not Sikhs, they hold no value in Guru’s eyes. ‘’

These are the bachans which he shared with me this time and gave me courage. And one thing he always says is, don’t think the suffering is for long, it’ll pass away like dream, what will remain is the memory of those moments, which will shape your destiny and destiny of those who inflicted that pain upon you.

I get the heart to carry on, hoping that suffering will end soon. My Mahapurakh Babaji is an Ocean of Knowledge, the Light of truth, and there is no one who is like him, who can stand in front of him and hide his misdeeds from him. He taught me virtue and how to live with honour, how to stand for things I believe in. Sikhi is not just about being amritdhari, putting up kakkars and baana, just doing your nitnem and simran, it’s about Living a Life of Purity, integrity and honour. It’s about having the courage to stand up for things you believe in, it’s about willing to die for your faith and things you live in your life.

      Talking about Sikhi is a good thing, but living Sikhi in your jeevan is better thing. What is a Sikh who doesn’t believe in the fact that his/her Guru Pita is always watching over his/her deeds? What is a Sikh who doesn’t believes and understands the fact that ONE DAY, we all have to leave this body and this planet, get out of this game and face our Guru Pita in sachkhand? That day there will be no excuse good enough to justify our actions which are contrary to humanity, Sikhi and Truth. That day we can’t blame people for our misdeeds, we can’t say, i feared this thing so I did this, I wanted that thing so I did that, NO, these things will not work. The things which will matter are Words of Our Guru, Guru Granth Sahib ji, Ardas we did in front of Guru Granth Sahib ji, commitments we made in front of Guru Granth Sahib ji.

                         Whatever the world says, whatever the situations in in life, whatever depth mind is in, if we love our Guru, or if we have ever , even for a moment truly loved him, He , the merciful will stand by us. When no one in the world comes to wipe our tears and console us, the Guru keeps his hand on our shoulders, looks at us with his merciful glance and gives us heart. Life is hard and bad, can be harder and worse at times and there are worst times, people can ditch us on one pretension or another, but Guru Gobind Singh ji, won’t ever.

   This is what my Babaji taught me, this is what he makes me feel……and I carry on, carry on with my struggle, my fight with the Life, knowing that One day, one day I shall win.

Sri Akaal ji Sahai

Kamaljeet Singh ShaheedSar

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Sant Gurbachan Singh ji's love for Singhs

Sant Jee used to have love for everyone, but still when they would see an Amritdharee and Rehat Vala Singh they would get very happy. They treated all the Singhs in the Jatha as their own sons. Every Singh in the Jatha used to think that Sant Jee loves me more than every other Singh in the Jatha that is how much love they had for the Singhs in the Jatha. Because of this love a lot of the Singhs had decided to spend their entire lives with Sant Jee in the Jatha.
One time at Bhindra, Giani Mani Singh Jee said to Sant Jee “Sant Jee, you should only allow Singhs that are highly educated to join the Jatha, don’t let those join that are not highly educated or who are not educated at all.” Hearing this Sant Jee started to laugh and said “Mani Singh Jee, God resides in uneducated people as well.” Hearing this Singhs were amazed.
When Sant Jee’s body was sick, Jathedar Gurdial singh, Sant Ajaib Singh and many Singhs used to come to a village near Jagraon by the name of Malak, to visit them. Jathedar Gurdial Singh Jee said “Sant Jee your body is weak, make the Jatha smaller” but Sant Jee said “who knows, if God wills this Jatha might even get bigger than this”.
Near Fategarh Sahib a village by the name of Saimplee, Giani Preetam Singh Jee asked Sant Jee for permission to leave the Jatha. Sant Jee said a little angrily:

ਗੁਰਮੁਖਿ ਆਵੈ ਜਾਇ ਨਿਸੰਗੁ ॥ (Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee Ang 932)

The Gurmukh comes and goes without fear.

Giani jee said that if you are angry then I won’t leave. Sant Jee said that when a devoted Singh that reads Bani leaves the Jatha, the pain I feel is similar to the pain I would feel if a body part was cut from my body. Giani Jee says after hearing these words from Sant Jee’s mouth, I felt like crying and told Sant Jee that if that is how you feel, then I won’t leave.
So Giani Jee stayed in the Jatha, and 10 months later Sant Jee called him over and told him that now you can leave and you will leave with my happiness. But never stop doing Katha. And Giani Jee tells that even when he and Giani Mani Singh were leaving, Sant Jee walked for 5 miles with him, to see him off. Giani Jee says that we told Sant Jee many times to go back, but they only went back once they had put us on a car and sent us away. Just like Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jee says:

ਇਨ ਹੀ ਕੀ ਕ੍ਰਿਪਾ ਕੇ ਸਜੇ ਹਮ ਹੈਂ ਨਹੀ ਮੋਸੋ ਗਰੀਬ ਕਰੋਰ ਪਰੇ ॥ (Sri Dasam Guru Granth Sahib)

I am dignified due to them otherwise millions of impoverished persons like me, remain unsupported.


Gagan Singh

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Shaheed Jathedar Bhai Gurdev Singh ji Kaunke

Shaheed Jathedar Bhai Gurdev Singh ji Kaunke

(First Jathedar of Akaal Takhat to attain Shaheedi in 20th Century).

Bhai sahib was a Charhdi kala Gurmukh, Diamond of Damdami Taksal and Loyal soldier of Khalsa Panth. Bhai sahib was appointed Working Jathedar of Akaal Takhat sahib in January 1986 and he did this sewa till his Shaheedi. He was the one who went out in Rural Punjab in that dark period and awakened Sikh masses by doing Katha of Guru Granth Sahib ji and Sri Dasam Granth. Areas of Ludhiana,Moga,Jagraon and Faridkot transformed considerably. Malwa belt of Punjab saw a revolution and there were Amrit Sanchars on daily basis in which hundreds used to tak Amrit and become Khalsa. Bhai Sahib had a highly pure character, pavittar Gursikhi jeevan,  Uch-Awastha and humble attitude. Thousands were inspired by his magnetic personality. Youth left drugs and patitpuna, took to Gursikhs and became a part of  Sikh movement. It was during Bhai Sahib ji's times that in villages of Malwa,rule of 11 person Baraat was started.( It is still prevalent in some of the villages where people honour and respect Martyrs of Panth). People stopped giving or taking dowry and killing female child due to Bhai Sahib's parchar. He stressed on basics of Sikhi, Faith and Love for Guru and dedication to cause of Panth with all the mind, body and soul.Seeing his Parchar, popularity, influence and sewa, He was arrested in 1989 by Sumedh Saini, hung upside down in police station and beaten mercilessly. Police saw him as ''Second Bhindranwala''. Later he had to be released as his family went to court and proved the police wrong.

After coming out of Jail, Bhai Gurdev Singh ji continued his Gursikhi Parchar. It has been a age-old tradition of Damdami Taksal that whenever Sikhi undergoes hard times, warriors of Taksal fight in battlefield and parcharks go out in countryside,towns and cities and do parchar of Sikhi, taking forward mission of Guru and Shaheeds, inspiring more and more youth to dedicate their lives to cause of Panth and Guru. Bhai Sahib, giving Pehra on this age old tradition of Taksal, kept the lamp of Parchar burning. He was highly popular among youth after his release and was seen as an icon and inspiration. Police tagged him as 'Mother of Militants' (as wherever he went, youth flocked to him and after listening to his fearless bachans, joined Sikh struggle).

Fearing Bhai Gurdev Singh ji Kaunke's charismatic personality, Punjab Police conspired to eliminate Bhai Sahib physically.On 20th December 1992, Bhai Sahib ji was arrested again and was tortured badly by Swaran ghotna, Harbhagwan sodhi and Gurdeep singh of Jagraon police. Bhai sahib was killed on morning 1st January 1993 and his body was thrown in a river. Before his Shaheedi, his bones were broken, flesh pierced with hot iron rods and electric shocks were given to Singh Sahib ji. But he continued his Baani Jaap, bravely facing every torture inflicted upon him with power of Baani. As the Sun of new year of 1992 rose, the shining Star of Sikh Panth's sky, Jathedar of Sri Akaal Takhat Sahib, Bhai Gurdev Singh ji Kaunke attained immortality by shedding his holy blood for Guru Gobind Singh ji.

People like Bhai Sahib and Baba Manochahal were true Jathedars of Akaal Takhat Sahib who served Gur-Sikhi and fought for Panth till last breath.They are the ones whom this Panth will love and respect forever.

Parnaam Shaheeda nu.

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Sant Gurbachan Singh ji's visit to Shaheed Sarovar

This Sakhi is taken from the life of Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale who were the 12th Jathedar of Damdami Taksal in an unbroken linage of Brahmgiani Jathedars of Taksal starting from a joint leadership of Bhai Mani Singh Shaheed and  Baba Deep Singh Ji Shaheed.  Interestingly, both of the latter mentioned shaheed mahapurkhs gave darshan to Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh ji at Shaheed Sarovar. Mahapurkh Sant Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji had a life of intense simran and seva. This was accompanied by their bhagti accumulated in a past life in which they had been close to Guru Sahib themselves and also the blessing and guidance of their spiritual mentor, himself a complete saint and leader of taksal: Sant Giani Sundar Singh Ji.

This katha begins at Chamkaur Sahib where mahapurkh had come in a state of  spiritual bairag (longing). This is the same land where two of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj’s own Sahibzaade Baba Ajit Singh Ji and Baba Jujhar Singh became shaheed (martyred), where three of the 5 beloved Panj Pyare: Bhai Sahib Singh Ji, Bhai Himmat Singh Ji and Bhai Mokham Singh Ji became shaheed along with 40 other Singhs. At this historical site there is an old  Baoli Sahib or an open well west of the Akali Bunga. Mahapurkh chose this place for their meditation, seeing it as a very quiet tranquil place with little disturbance from people. It was perfect for them, as they had no intention of openly showing their meditation to the world, for them it was important that they kept their spiritual status hidden from the world as Gurbani informs:
“hon najeek khudhaae dhai bhaeth n kisai dhaen ||116||”
They are close to the Lord, but they do not reveal their secret to anyone. ||116||.
This is quiet contrary to the elaborate asthans built nowadays. Mahapurkh on the contrary had no intention of drawing any attention to themselves but instead went to the extent of doing their abhias (meditative practise) at night between the hours of 8pm and 4am, continuously without interval. The interesting nature of this bhagati was that it was done inside the cold water for the whole eight hours.

Their avastha became such they felt like leaving this filth-ridden kalyugi world. They set off nearly 50 km north on foot towards the mountainous region near Kiratpur Sahib. In their mind they became firm that they have no further desire to communicate with the world, they would just do their bhajan and bandagi until their final swaas (breath) and leave this temporary body in the serenity of the mountains. After setting off, doing jaap (meditation) with every step they arrived in the mountainous region. Upon some exploration Mahapurkh got lost and ended up climbing a mountain when finally they came to the opening of a cave. Mahapurkh had a natural intuitive feeling that it would lead to somewhere so they entered the cave. When they set their feet in the cave and walked forward they saw there was darkness surrounding them, both forwards and towards the enetrance they had come through. During the narration of this Sakhi Sant Gurbachan Singh ji told that at one point it became so endlessly dark that they considered going back but then thought again. They remembered Guru Granth Sahib Jis Bani: “aagaahaa koo thraagh pishhaa faer n muhaddarraa ||”
(Look ahead; don't turn your face backwards.) and thought it their duty as a gursikh to continue.

They continued, reading gurbani continuously when finally they saw some light that showed the end of the cave. When they reached the exit of the cave they looked and it was completely bright and infront of them was a very beautiful sarovar (pool). Its beauty was both unheard and unseen off anywhere in the world before. Mahapurkh were astounded and became increasingly intrigued about where they had arrived. Around the pool were magnificently tall trees and on closer inspection they saw Shastars hung on the trees. Then when they proceeded further they saw people, human beings. These humans were not normal though, in size they were like giants in tales and their bodies reflected light. Mahpurkh thought to themselves  'maybe the end of your life is such' looking at the size of these intimidating people. Mahapurkh thought they were remote tribal people residing here but there was something very different about them from normal human beings. Still, with the teachings of Gurbani enshrined in them Mahapurkh did not turn back but rather they proceeded forward reciting gurbani. One of these people walked past mahapurkh and they caught a glimpse of their attire. Mahapurkh were very surprised that these people were wearing a kashera and a dastar, things began to make sense: the shastars on the tree and now their attire. It was at this point that it hit Sant ji that these must be Singhs of Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj. But the question was, what exactly were they doing here?

Suddenly one of them shouted “Gurbachan Singh Ji”. Mahapurkh were surprised that they knew their name but they didn’t even know what sort of people they were. Sant Jee were amazed that they knew his name, yet they had never met.  Then suddenly the tallest one out of them, assumedly their Jathedar Sahib said to those giant people “we’ll converse with Giani Ji after get something to eat for them”. At which one of them took a long spear and threw it towards the pool, when he pulled it out their came 3 unknown vegetables which looked a bit like yam or jimikand. They cooked these on hot coal and whilst they were being cooked the Jathedar Sahib of these people asked mahapurkh “why are you amazed Giani ji, are you surprised we called you by your name”.  The jathedar sahib ji continued “Giani ji, actually, we are surprised that you didn’t recognize your own people”. Mahapurkh said they didn’t recognize them.

One of the giant people stood up and said “Giani ji first I will introduce myself, I am Banda Singh Bahadur.” Baba Banda Singh Bahadur then pointed at another person “This is the mukhi of your Taksal Baba Deep Singh Ji”.  “Look there, that is Bhai Mani Singh ji and over there is Bhai Taru Singh Ji”. Mahapurkh began pinching themselves to check if they were having a dream listening to the names of these shaheed singhs.  Mahapurkh joined their hands together and said “ Singho, Guru Pyareo Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh”. Your words are true but I’d like to ask that all that you named have become shaheed but here you are all talking to me? First please be kind enough to tell me what is going on with me am I asleep or awake am I conscious or unconscious am I in a deep meditative state. Where am I?”

 The Singhs spoke “ Mahpurkho you are awake, what you are seeing is true. It is no illusion”. By now the vegetable product was ready and they served mahapurkh and the other Singhs. Baba ji said that this was like nothing they had ever tasted, it had the smell like Karah Parshad and tasty as Amrit. After eating they requested the Singhs to clearly tell them what was going on.

 As Mahapurkh were narrating this Giani Mohan Singh ji was sitting on the side of their bed, away from the direct vision of mahapurkh quickly jotting down all the whole sakhi. Pandit Prem Singh was sat infront of them, he tells us the face of mahapurkh became reddened with bliss as they told the sakhi to them.

 Sant Gurbachan Singh ji inquired whether they were talking about Shaheed Singhs and that they should openly tell them what’s happening with them. The Singh spoke once again “Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji, you are such a high scholar you narrate katha to so many. Please could you recite katha for us too please.”  Mahapurkh said “I don’t know about katha or anything at the moment please could you just explain what is happening with me, is this Sachkhand, the earth, where?.”

 The Singh Sahib ji said “ Very well, Giani JI when a Singh who has done kamai (practice) of Gurbani during their life or become Shaheed goes to Sachkhand they stop at the door where two Singhs ask them at the gate of Sachkand if they have any further desire to do Seva or they wish to go to Sachkhand. At this point if one says no, then they are escorted to Sachkhand but if they have a further desire then they come to us. This place is only second to Sachkhand.”

 Mahapurkh asked them: “Singho today you have given me darshan, will their come a time when you come to the earth and openly reveal yourself.”

 The Singhs said “Yes. Yes, we will. Look there are our Shastar and look there are our Nagarhe (Battle Drums). Mahpursho the dohra you recite, keep reciting it. “Raj Karega Khalsa” The Khalsa shall not rule through any other earthly way, it is us that will create the Khalsa Raj. We are preparing. You came through this cave Giani Ji, and we will come out this way. Akal Purkh has done boundless kirpa on you Giani ji, you have entered this cave once you never again in your life will get this opportunity. You can go back and find this cave but you will never be able too. Mahapursho we will beat the drums before we leave here, that time we will create the Khalsa Raj - The Halemi Raj where no one will suffer”

 Mahapurkh then said their Gurfateh to the Shaheed Singhs and left ‘Shaheed Sarovar’. When narrating this sakhi from their own life Mahapurkh, they became teary and said "I have wondered in the mountains many a time. I have never found that place again”. Mahapurkh looked around, they saw Giani Baba Mohan Singh ji writing. Mahapurkh asked them “Giani ji  have you written everything? Pass me your notebook”. Mahapurkh took the notebook and ripped it and said “Singho I forgot the rule of Gurbani “hon najeek khudhaae dhai bhaeth n kisai dhaen ||116||” (They are close to the Lord, but they do not reveal their secret to anyone. ||116||) and in your prem (love) I have told you this sakhi, I have ripped this because I do not want it published. It is my secret.”

We await with longing eyes, and pray to Akal Purkh that we see the return of the residents of Shaheed Sarovar on this earth again to create the Khalsa Raj. For 26 years we await that Saint-Soldier Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwala present mukhi of Damdami Taksal, who promised us Khalsa Raj during one of the darkest times in human history.

 *The purpose of writing this is to evoke sharda bhavana –the sentiment of faith in many of those hearts who have dropped hope of Khalsa Raj and have fallen victims to the false parchar of atheists disguised as Sikhs. For they slander Maharaj’s taksal and Vaddeh Mahapurkh and this Sakhi stands as a testimony to their greatness. All mistakes made are the fault of dass, the author. And all praise and credit goes to Vaddeh Mahapurkh Ji themselves*

                                                                                                                                                                                Sukhjeevan Singh

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Sangat's experiences with Babaji

Sangats Experiences with Sant Baba Thakur Singh Jee Khalsa

One day Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale got all the Singh’s together at the Dera and said to them that they needed a Singh for some seva. One Singh got up and said that they wanted to do the seva, Sant Ji said to the Singh that he wouldn’t be able to do the seva, so Sant Ji chose Baba Thakur Singh Ji to do the seva. When Baba Ji started doing Sant Ji’s seva, Sant Ji didn’t let Baba Ji go to sleep properly. Sant Baba Gurbachan Singh ji were in their Mauj that day and were testing Baba Thakur Singh ji's devotion and patience.So Sant Ji used to send Baba Ji to go and rest,and a few minutes later Sant Ji used to send a Singh to go and wake Baba Ji up. Whenever Baba Ji used to come back to Sant Ji, Sant Ji used to say angrily to Baba Ji that “Have you come here to sleep? it's better if you go back to your house.” But Baba Thakur Singh ji kept doing sewa with Love and patience, reading Baani and serving Vadde Mahapurakhs. After a year of seva, Sant Ji said to Baba Ji that they thought that Baba Ji would run away from this seva, but they didn’t. After this period Baba Ji got a lot of Bakshish from Sant Ji.

 Sant Ji once said that people come to stay in the Jatha to become a Giani, Ragi etc. But theirs one Singh, one Gurmukh in the Jatha who hasn’t got any pavanah, any icchha for anything. The Singh’s asked Sant Ji to tell them who that Singh was, Sant Ji replied that the Singh is Bhai Thakur Singh IchoGill Wale, meaning Baba Thakur Singh Ji Khalsa.

Date: May 2002 Ealing hospital, London.
Baba Ji had been very ill on their visit to England, infact just a couple of days after arriving in England Baba Ji got very ill and had to stay in hospital. It was around 2am in the hospital room and Bhai Gurraj Singh and Bhai Amolak Singh were with Baba Ji doing seva, Baba Ji had not talked to any one while they were in hospital all they did was listen to gurbani 24 hours a day 7 days a week. All of a sudden Baba Ji’s heart beat on the machine suddenly rised and went to the top then all of a sudden it went down fast, Bhai Gurraj Singh told Bhai Amolak Singh to go out of the room and get Baba Ji’s Nephew Bhai Jaswinder Singh Nihang who was outside in another room. While he went for Baba Ji’s nephew the doctors came rushing in and by that time Baba Ji’s nephew had arrived. In the room were the Three doctors, Bhai Gurraj Singh and Bhai Jaswinder Singh Nihang (Baba Ji’s nephew) and the doctors said to them that they were sorry that Baba Ji is not breathing or responding to anything anymore and that Baba Ji has passed away.As the two Singh’s looked at each other in shock, the doctors said that they will leave them alone for a few minutes, and as soon as the doctors went out, Bhai Jaswinder Singh held Baba Ji’s hand on one side and on the other side Bhai Gurraj Singh held Baba Ji’s hand and Bhai Jaswinder Singh started talking to Baba Ji saying “don’t go” “the singh’s need you” “what will we do without you”. All of a sudden Baba Ji got up and sat down on the hospital bed and started doing Vaahiguroo Jaap, Then Baba Ji looked forward and did Namashkaar and said Fateh 5 times, on the third time they said it Bhai Jaswinder Singh and Bhai Gurraj Singh started saying it aswell but they couldn’t see anything,as to whom Baba Ji was saying Fateh. Then Once Baba Ji said fateh 5 times, they put there left arm around Bhai Jaswinder Singh, and right arm around Bhai Gurraj Singh and tightly grabbed them and said “What ever was going to happen has happened, lets go home, im ok now, call for the car and lets get out of here”, Bhai Jaswinder Singh replieed “Baba Ji we will stay for a couple of days just to make sure”, Baba Ji replyed “No I’m ok, everything is fine” and then Baba Ji pulled out all the drips and wires from out of their body, stood up and said again “take me home, see im ok, call for the car and lets get out of here”

Shaheed Bhai Joginder Singh Harchowalwale was in pathankot jail,the C.R.P.F had arrested him and locked up there. In the room where he was locked up was a picture of Baba Deep Singh Ji Shaheed. One day he looked up at the picture and he remember Baba Ji and Mehta. While looking up at the picture he did a benti and said “Mahapurkho, Kirpa Karo”. He said that he will probably get shaheed one day, either today or another day, but he is requesting that he stays alive for another year because he wants to do the panth’s seva. After he did this benti all of a sudden Baba Ji’s roop appeared infront of him, Baba Ji was wearing white clothes with a nangi Sri Sahib held in their hand. Baba Ji said to Joginder Singh that his death is in Guru Sahib’s hands, that whatever Maharaj wants, that will happen. Baba Ji then said to him to get out of their, that the police can’t do anything to him. At this time the police where playing cards outside and there where big flood lights on outside. While Joginder Singh started walking out he got scared, thinking that if the police ask where he is going,he will just tell them that he is going to the toilet. But while he was walking out, the police didn’t see him and he walked straight past them. He then reached a big wall, he couldn’t jump over the wall because of his body was in such a terrible state after getting tortured by the police. All of a sudden heavy winds started, and he reached the other side of the wall, it was like someone had thrown him over the wall. At that point outside there were more police officers surrounding the area, but still no one could see him. 4km away from the jail was a pindh that he was familiar with, he went there and borrowed some money and went straight to Mehta. When he arrived at Mehta, Baba Ji was standing at the gates waiting for him. Baba Ji held his hand and took him to their room and asked how he was and then fed him. After Bhai Joginder Singh finished eating, he told Baba Ji what had happened. Baba Ji replied to him that it wasn’t them who helped him escape, that it was probably Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji, then Baba Ji said “Satguru Sahib Ji neh laaj rakhee”!

Bhai Ajaib Singh is now living in America. When he was at Mehta, he never used to go in the Darbar to listen to Katha. He used to walk around the Dera and recite Gurbani and listen to Katha at the same time from the speakers. One day Baba Ji saw him and asked him that why doesn’t he go in the Darbar to listen to Katha. Bhai Ajaib Singh told Baba Ji that the reason is that he enjoys walking around listening to Katha and reciting Gurbani at the same time, he said that he found it more peacefull. Baba Ji then asked him if he knew what Maharaj Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji says, Bhai Ajaib Singh went quiet. Baba Ji then said a Pangti to him, which was :

ਸੇਈ ਸੁੰਦਰ ਸੋਹਣੇ ॥
ਸਾਧਸੰਗਿ ਜਿਨ ਬੈਹਣੇ ॥

“They alone are beautiful and attractive , Who abide in the sadh sangat, the company of the Holy”
Baba Ji then said, who ever sits in Sangat are sohne, Baba Ji then told Bhai Ajaib Singh to start sitting in the Darbar to do Sangat.

Singh Sahib Baba Kulwant Singh Ji Hazur Sahib Wale one amritvela morning whilst doing seva in Sachkhand in the Takht Sahib, had Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj’s darshan and with Maharaj Sahib was Baba Thakur Singh Ji holding a garva. The next time they met Baba Ji and told them about this. Baba Ji said to them in nimritah that they are Singh Sahib, they are satkaar jog,they always do seva in a place at the Takht Sahib where no one else is allowed. Singh Sahib Ji replied by saying that Baba Ji you are more satkaar jog, that he had their darshan with Maharaj Sahib and Baba Ji is Maharaj Sahib Ji’s garvai,thus more satkaryog and poojnik.

Date: 10/09/2004
A Singh asked, that if Baba Ji is a Brahm Giani, what is the need for him to go hospital? Baba Ji’s answer was “Satguru Sahib Ji Di Kirpa Naal, I never feel pain”

Date: 24/09/2007 6.45am
Baba Ji’s did amolak bachan, “We are eating Mahapurakh’s kamai,we got respect because of Mahapurakh Sant Giani Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale” “At Sri Darbar Sahib I was listening to kirtan,Sant Ji came and sat down and listened to kirtan. After the Asa Di Vaar finished, Sant Ji got up and left, I don’t forget that day, Bhai Baldev Singh was doing kirtan, I don’t forget that day”.

Bhai Sukhwinder Singh ‘Sangha’ never had in his mind that he wanted to get married, he always had in his mind that he will stay single and do Baba Ji’s seva until his last breath. Once Sangha Ji was preparing the food for Baba Ji and when he brought it to Baba Ji, Baba Ji said “Sangha, You’ve done a lot of seva for me from your heart, Tere Bache Jeen” After Baba Ji went to Sachkhand, Sangha Ji got married and he has a baby boy. The sikhya here is, Mahapurakh’s bachan will always come true no matter what.

Baba Ji arrived at Australia airport, Giani Gurdev Singh and other singhs were at the airport waiting to greet Baba Ji. Their was a singh who had never seen Baba Ji before and never even seen a photo of Baba Ji. In the singhs mind was that Baba Ji will be really tall and big like Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale, when Baba Ji came out, all the singhs greeted Baba Ji and that singh was surprised that, is that Baba Ji? he’s so small. As soon as Baba Ji got in his car to go to his house whenever he looked at Baba Ji he started seeing Baba Ji in a very big roop. Even his car when he was taking Baba Ji to his home was moving to a side because of the weight of Baba Ji and the size of what he was seeing. As soon as he got home he told a singh that he did shanka on Baba Ji and now when ever he looks at them, that he sees them in a very big roop. The singh took him to Baba Ji and the singh started asking for forgiveness from Baba Ji, Baba Ji gave him an apple and said “everything will be alright. It isn’t me who's making you see things, its Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji that’s making you see things, Oh meri laaj rakhde neh”

Baba Ji phoned Giani Amolak Singh and said to them, “Everybody is saying on stage that Sant Ji’s in chardikala, there will be a time where no one will say this on stage”

Date: 09/09/2004
Gurcharan Singh did benti to Baba Ji to come to his house, Baba Ji replied you have got a alcohol bottle in your house, get rid of it first, the singh replied that none of my family members drink, we don’t have alcohol, Baba Ji repied that there is a bottle in the house, look all over again, when the Singh searched his house he found it.

Date: July 2002
Bhai Gurraj Singh was at the time very ill and he had to go back to leeds to get medical attention. At this period Bhai Gurraj Singh was with Baba Ji and the Jatha in Southall. When he came to leeds he got more ill and he started urinating blood. When he went to hospital the doctors checked him out and then sent him home. On the way home he got worse and his brother said that he will take him back to hospital but Bhai Gurraj Singh replied that he doesn’t want to go back because he’s just been there and they didn’t do anything. Then they went to the Gurdwara Sahib, did Maharaj’s darshan and went home. Once arriving at their home, He got more ill and he found it difficut to move because he was feeling dizzy, at this time the thought came to his head that only if he just stayed with Baba Ji and forgot about hospital appointments that he might have been alright and he started thinkng about Baba Ji, then a few minutes later the telephone rang and it was Baba Ji themselves ringing to ask how Bhai Gurraj Singh was, and then they explained to Baba Ji that what had happened and Baba Ji said that they wanted to speak to him. When Baba Ji spoke to Bhai Gurraj Singh, they told him to rest and told him to do Waaheguru simran and think of Shaheed Bhai Mani Singh Ji and in the morning everything will be ok. After that Bhai Gurraj Singh got better and blood stopped coming, and the illness didn’t come back again.

Baba Ji said in the U.K. that their will be 3 paghan (dastaran) that will get taken, meaning that there will be 3 people that start saying that they are Damdami Taksal’s Jathedar.

Baba Ji said that when Sant Giani Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale re-appear, there won't be that many singhs staying at Mehta, like their used to be.

Date: Sept 2001
Baba Ji said that their will be one day when our own Headquarters (Mehta) will announce that Sant Giani Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale is Shaheed. That they will announce it worldwide.

Date: Sept 2004
Baba Ji went for a walk in leeds on Wigton Lane which is a busy road. Baba Ji started walking on the road and the singhs that were with Baba Ji explained to Baba Ji that please walk on the pavement because its not the law here in England to walk on a busy main road. Baba Ji then made the singhs walk infront of him in the middle of the road and said “Singh gulam neh, par asi gulami de vich nahi rehna”. All the cars stopped and waited for Baba Ji even police came and they didn’t do nothing, infact all the cars waited and a few people realised that Baba Ji was a religious person and they did namashkar to them.

Baba Ji was watching the Punjab news and the rashtrapati (President of India) was giving medals to Hindus, Baba Ji watched and said “Go on, give out medals, when you have a Jang with the muslims, don’t come to us Sikhs for help”.

At Bhai Sarbjit Singh’s house in USA, Harnam Singh Dhumma asked Baba Ji regarding if Sant Ji is alive or if they were Shaheed in the 84 attack. Baba Ji said “Jo tu samaj da Mahapurakhan nu, oh nahi hai, Im not lying, why would I, Sant Ji is alive, he’s got a duty from the 10th Guru Sahib, Sant Ji is a Brahm Giani,and he will fulfill his duty”.

On Baba Ji’s last visit in the U.K. they told quite a few families to save their money, because when Sant Ji comes, they will need seva. For example Baba told a family in Southall where Baba Ji used to stay, to save their money and to send it to Sant Ji when he returns, also Baba told a family in Walsall and Baba Ji also told three Singh’s in Leeds to save their money aswell. Also Baba Ji said to the three Singh’s that make sure they come to India before the Jang because the Government will shut down all access to India including flights etc and you won’t have a chance to come after so make sure you come to India before the Jang starts.

Baba Ji was staying at Bhai Manna Singh’s house in Tividale and they said that the Vaddeh Mahapursh Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale’s said that “Singhan da dharheyan (beards) di laaj rakhan geh Maharaj Sahib”

Many times around the World where ever Baba Ji went, they always asked panj piare to do ardas for Sant Giani Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale’s Chardi Kala.

Bibi Narinder Kaur from Walsall went to spend some time at Sri Darbar Sahib, Amritsar. She did a lot of seva there. At one time while she was doing seva, a thought came into her mind, thinking that, she will just listen to the kirtan in the evenings at Sri Darbar Sahib and not the mornings. She didn’t tell anyone about this thought and straight away Baba Ji phoned her out of the blue and told her that make sure she listens to kirtan at Sri Darbar Sahib in the mornings and evenings.

There was a middle aged Singh living in the U.K., and once he came with his friends to do darshan of Baba Ji. This Singh was an Amritdhari Singh without a beard. His friend did benti to Baba Ji, saying that if they can do kirpa on him so his beard grows. Baba Ji told this singh to go to Sri Darbar Sahib in Amritsar and do seva there. Baba Ji told him to do jorean di seva and wipe the dust of the sangat’s feet and Maharaj Sahib will do kirpa on him and his beard will grow. This middle aged Singh now has a long beard.

There was a Singh, and he was leaving India to go abroad for a few months. When he arrived at the airport, the airport staff didn’t let him get on the plane with his kirpan on. He straight away telephoned Baba Ji and said “Kirpa Karo” and he explained to Baba Ji that the airport staff are not letting him take his kirpan on the plane, Baba Ji replied and told him not to worry, that it’s only for a little while, Sant Giani Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale will be coming soon to get Khalsa Raaj and then all the Singhs will be able to carry as many kirpans wherever they want. The Singh asked Baba Ji that how long until Sant Ji comes back, and Baba Ji replied that he will be back soon and that not to worry, that Maharaj Sahib will do kirpa.

Whenever Baba Ji met any Shaheed Singh’s family member, they always did their satkaar to the full. There was one time where Shaheed Bhai Sukhdev Singh Babbar’s wife met Baba Ji, and Baba Ji gave her and her family members a Siropa and did their satkaar. Bhai Sukhdev Singh Babbar’s singhanee also had conversation regarding Bhai Sukhdev Singh Babbar.

Bhai Manna Singh and Bhai Heera Singh was doing Baba Ji’s malish. Once they had finished, They helped Baba Ji to put on a choala. While they where helping to put on the choala, one of Baba Ji’s arm got stuck in the choala. Across the room their was Sant Giani Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale’s photo and Baba Ji put one of his arms towards the photo and said that “Come on back now from wherever you are, I’m getting old now, come on back quickly.”

Baba Ji did a Sampat Paath at Mehta for Sant Ji to come back, after the Paath’s bhog Baba Ji said that, if Sant Ji comes back right now that their will be a nuksaan (loss) for the Singhs, the government will not let the Singhs live. Sant Ji will return when their will be a Jang. Baba Ji also said that Sant Ji has a duty from Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji to get Khalsa Raj and put a Kesri Nishan Sahib on Laal Kila (Red fort).

Bhai Janak Singh came to Southall to visit Baba Ji. Baba Ji did his satkaar and was very happy to see him. Baba Ji gave him loads of fruit to eat and had a long conversation with him. When Bhai Janak Singh was leaving, Baba Ji specially got up of their bed and grabbed Bhai Janak Singh’s hand and specially walked them to their car. Bhai Janak Singh requested to Baba Ji that the wheather’s cold, that to go back inside, but Baba Ji replied that it doesn’t matter about the wheather, that who knows when we will meet again. That was the final time that Bhai Janak Singh did darshan of Baba Ji. Bhai Janak Singh passed away later on that year at Sri Hemkunt Sahib.

Bhai Hari Singh from Leicester, he is a Singh who is heavy in weight. He came to do Baba Ji’s darshan and Baba Ji said to him that he is in need of a massage on his legs because of his weight. Bhai Hari Singh laughed and replied that he will get one done. Bhai Hari Singh sat down and left the conversation at that. A few minutes later Baba Ji got up and said that they will massage his legs for him, Baba Ji had so much compassion. Hari Singh replied that he didn’t want Baba Ji to do the massage, that they shouldn’t, Baba Ji then got Khazan Singh to do Hari Singh’s massage on his legs. Baba Ji always looked after Singh’s, always wanted the best for any Singh, and wanted Singh’s to be fit, healthy and stay in Chardi Kala.

Sept 2002 Toronto, Canada.
Bhai Nishan Singh was telling Baba Ji about Sant Giani Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale’s speech that they made regarding Baba Ji. After Bhai Nishan Singh finished talking about Sant Ji’s speech, Baba said that some people say that Sant Ji is not around anymore. Baba Ji also said that all the beadbee that’s happening,when Sant Ji comes back,they will sort everything out. A Singh then asked Baba Ji that when will Sant Ji come back, Baba laughed and replied that when Sant Ji left they told him not to tell anyone where they are or when they will be back. Baba Ji then said that they are not telling lies, that Sant Ji will definetly come back but they can’t tell anyone when they will be back. Baba Ji also said that people think that he is an old man who is lying, but when Sant Ji returns then everyone will remember Thakur Singh was telling the truth.

Ik Jot

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A True Sant-A Humble General

Baba Thakur Singh ji Khalsa Bhindranwale was the one who guided Khalsa Panth after the horrific happenings of Bluestar and 84 Riots. There are people who think that Babaji lied to panth about Sant Jarnail Singh ji and mislead Panth. I would like to share some bachans and vision of Baba Thakur Singh ji, which he had for Panth. He was the most humble, loving and blessed son of Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj, who despite all the slanders and abuses of people stayed firm in his faith and carried on his mission. People, who don’t know his greatness should read these bachans and look in their hearts, are we anywhere near Babaji’s kamaai and Love for Sikhi.

1. In 1985, when Singhs of Taksal requested Babaji to take charge of Taksal and Gurudwara Gurdarshan parkash and hold a Shaheedi Samagam for Shaheeds of Bluestar, Babaji gave bachan to singhs that Sant Jarnail Singh ji is in Charhdi kala, we’ll hold Shaheedi Ardas for Shaheeds and Charhdi Kala ardas for Sant Jarnail Singh ji. All the singhs agreed to this and accepted Babaji’s leadership. The day bhog of Akhand Paath was held, there was Sangat in an area of 30 kilometres around headquarters of Taksal. Babaji asked Singhs that how many families of Shaheeds have come. Singhs replied Babaji we have thousands of families, its better if we give Rs.1100 and Siropa to each because we don’t have much money. Babaji smiled and said Singho, Shaheeds have given their life for Panth, we can do at least this much for them, Guruji will send sewa himself for these families. Within minutes, situation had changed. When the honouring started, it was money raining. Envelopes filled with thousands of rupees were coming from within Sangat and each family was given Siropa, medal and financial assistance in thousands. (This was a small example of Power of his Bachan)

2. When Bhai Manbir Singh ji Chaheru, General of KCF was killed in a fake encounter on 8th August 1986 and his body thrown in river, news reached Babaji. KCF was the Jathebandi created by Taksali Singhs to carry forward struggle and all had great love and devotion for Babaji. Babaji got serious for a moment and then did bachan ‘’ they have killed my General, now its time of theirs’’. Next day,On 10th August 1986, Gen. A.K. Vaidya was shot dead by Bhai Sukha-Jinda in Pune.

3. DGP of Punjab Police, Ribeiro was the one butcher police officer who started fake encounters in Punjab. He was at top of Hit-list of Jhujharoo Singhs. Mission was planned and singhs carried out necessary preparations. One singh, who was part of this mission met me in UK and told me this thing himself. Before going for mission, singhs went to take blessings of Babaji. Babaji closed his eyes for a minute and than said ‘Singho, dusht di kamaai baut aa, par fer v koshish kar lavo’. (The Dusht ribeiro has lot of good deeds and bhagti left, still you can try). Saying this Babaji blessed singhs. Next day 5 Singhs dressed in Punjab police uniform reached Ribiero’s residence. He was sitting in lawn in front of his house having tea with his wife. Guards on duty were unarmed by Singhs on pretext of search and tied. Ground was clear, and Singhs reached in front of his table and opened fire from their guns. Bullets hit Ribeiro and his wife and they fell down from their chairs. Singhs, assuming them to be dead, returned. But next day's newspapers shocked Singhs. Ribeiro had been ‘seriously’ injured and was in hospital while his wife was also critical. General Labh Singh had said that time in anguish ‘We should have cut off his head and sent it to Delhi’. When Singhs returned and told Babaji this thing, Babaji said ‘To kill a Dusht, you should have more kamaai of Naam than him, for this very reason Sant Jarnail Singh used to order Singhs to do Jaaps of Shabads, Chandi di vaar jaaps and Chalisa. Second option is you should wait till his good deeds and Bhagti finish and then it’s easy to finish them’.

(And today people boast of doing actions or killing dushts but cannot do so; reason is they don’t have bhagti like Sodhi or Baba Manochahal.)

4. Simranjeet Singh Maan was in Bhagalpur jail. In 1989, General elections were held in India. Baba Thakur Singh ji did Sampat Akhand Paath and Ardas for victory of Maan. He was in jail; still his party won all the 13 parliamentary seats of Punjab. He was freed from jail and brought to Punjab. It was a victory for Sikh freedom movement and now all the MP’s were Pro-Khalistan. But in these times , its very difficult to contain one’s haume and pride of power. Some of Maan’s assistants like Raam Singh asked him to make distance from Babaji, as Babaji was not ready to announce Santji’s Shaheedi. Maan started talking wrong about Babaji and started slandering him. Sangat told Babaji about this thing. Babaji smiled and said ‘ Singho, don’t worry. Guru ji is watching over our heads. He’ll protect our honour. He knows how much I did for this person and today this person is slandering me. Guru will do justice’. Babaji was so humble that he sent some Singhs also Maan to not create divisions over this issue as this was issue of Truth and falsehood, of Faith and Power of Guru and he should not use his worldly intellect in this issue. But Maan was so proud and pumped up by Raam singh and others that he refused to meet Babaji. Babaji said ‘The one who can give can also take back’. And what happened? The same Mr. maan who had 13 seats didn’t get even 3 seats in next elections. And today same Maan, who was once considered Greatest Leader of Khalistan movement doesn’t even get enough votes to win local municipality elections or a MLA seat. (The people who try to divide Panth over issue of ‘Shaheedi’ should think about it.)

5. In 1992 Punjab elections, all the Kharkoo Jathebandis and political parties of Akalis boycotted elections. Akalis did this due to a secret pact with Indian Government, but Kharkoo jathebandis were fooled to support this boycott. Only BTFK of Baba Manochahal called upon Panthis parties to fight elections. Sant Baba Thakur Singh ji personally met all the Akali Leaders and kharkoo jathedars to fight elections and support Panthic parties. But that time Baba Thakur Singh ji and Baba Manochahal were branded as ‘Agents of Congress and GOI’ and slandered. Babaji said ‘these people are going to push back movement by 20 years. Very soon this brutal government will finish all the Jathedars and millions of innocents would be killed, Movement will come to a halt and Punjab will be coloured in Blood of innocent Sikhs. If only these fools listen to me. They should fight elections; I’m ready to support Maan for chief minister, if he fights elections’. (This showed Babaji’s vision regarding Panth’s safety, how much he worried for Panth and sons of Panth).These words were echoed by Baba Manochahal too, But no one listened to them. Despite the boycott of elections by Akalis, Electios were held and hindus of Punjab voted. With just 22% votes, Congress came to power in Punjab and Beanta became Chief Minister and KP Gill the DGP. History’s most brutal massacre of Sikhs took place during these three years. Within a year of beant government, All the Jathedars of Kharkoo Jathebandis had been eliminated. Bhai Gurjant Singh Budhsinghwala of KLF, Bhai Sukhdev Singh Babbar of BKI, Bhai Talwinder Singh ji of BK and many others. Baba Manochahal(BTFK) was last to fall on 28th Feb 1993 and with his Shaheedi, Movement came to a halt, which is still in that position. Other leaders left Punjab and settled in Pakistan, where they are living till today.

If only Panth had listened to Baba Thakur Singh ji’s bachans , we would have reached somewhere near our mission, our aim. But egoistic and vision less leaders failed the Panth. What could have the lone Sant did? Truly as he said, movement was thrown back 20 years. Today’s generation will have to decide, recognize that who were Agents of Congress and who worked for Panth. Was Babaji congress agent or those who called for boycott of elections that time?

There are many more incidents and experiences, which will be shared with Sangat from time to time. Only thing I want to say is, before slandering babaji or those who follow his bachans, these over-enthusiastic people should see what their so-called leaders, Dals and federations and other Jathebandis have done for Panth in last 17 years, after movement came to a halt. It’s easy to slander a Mahapurakh, but difficult to pay for those slanders. And yes, I hope very soon these nindaks of Babaji will go to Akaal Takhat and re-start Dharam-yudh morcha again for Khalistan. If they do it, we’ll stand with them, if they can’t, its better they keep their mouths shut and do something for Panth, instead of creating divisions in Sangat in foreign countries.  

Sri Akaal ji Sahai

Ik Nishaana

Posted by Kamaljeet Singh Shaheedsar on Sunday, December 12. 2010 in Sant Mahapurakhs


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