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Difficult Terrain of Sikhi -3(Unbreakable Bond)

Sikhi. What is Sikhi? Sometimes I ask myself what is Sikhi? Why am I a Sikh? Why Sikhi is so unique? There is so much difficult and different in Sikhi which is hard to follow in today’s times. There have been times in my life when I have thought of going back to my previous life style, away from complications of today’s debates, fights and religious battles. To a life where I am a simple living being, enjoying my life, living it the way I think its best, eating and drinking whatever I wish, doing whatever I like. There are times when mind is determined to fall in deep pit of hell, known as Evil. Life looks useless, Sikhi and its principles stop mattering to me, everything and anything to do with God, truth, spirituality and netherworld looks useless and myth. The pain, suffering, sorrows I have got on this path weaken me and I think of giving up.

    Suddenly The Soul, the ever-awake being inside this body, the Son of God asks me,'where will you go? What will you do? Who leaves ‘The Best’ for something secondary'?

         And then I stop for a minute, sit down in silence and think. Think what is good for me as a human being. Sikhi, Path of Guru Nanak, Guru Gobind Singh ji is the best. And the best part of Sikhi is the supreme sacrifices made by beloved Gurus and most importantly Sahibzadey. Where will we find an all-powerful Guru sitting on a red hot iron plate, suffering in silence, so that the principles, the ideology, the purity of humanitarian ideals enshrined in Baani of his ancestors are protected? Where will one find a Guru Teg Bahadur, getting his head cut so that faith and symbols of some other faith are protected?  

     The Tenth Master, Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj, The saviour of world, who can forget his sacrifice?  Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj did what no other prophet/avatar/saint of this world did. It was He who sacrificed his Father, Mother, four Sons and ten cousins for Dharam, for truth, for humanity.

 Mohammed, prophet of Islam was one day stitching his sandal. A couple of his followers came up to him and started discussing matters of faith. One of them asked, O holy prophet, how will you protect us from fire of hell? Mohammed replied,’ just like I look after my shoes, I’ll look after you too’. Jesus was asked the same question by his followers and his answer was ‘my followers are lambs of my flock. I’ll look after them like a shepherd‘. What are followers, Shoes and Lambs? But come to house of Guru Nanak and here we see Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj standing with folded hands in front of his beloved Gursikhs and asking for Holy Nectar (Amrit). Here we have Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj who said
‘ Khalsa mero roop hai Khaas’
(My Real Sikh, Khalsa is my pure form).

        In entire human history, there isn’t even one prophet/avtar who sacrificed his entire family for Dharam. Guru Gobind Singh ji never fought for kingdom, empires or worldly treasures. His DharamYudh was for Truth, for equality, for peace, to end tyranny and injustice. He fought for common man, who was being looted, tortured and butchered. He didn’t have any personal ambitions, of creating a Kingdom for himself and his family. He fought battles, won them but never took over the lands of losers. He and his Sikhs never touched women or children of those who were defeated in battles (enslaving women, children and youth of defeated kingdoms was a norm in those times, which Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj banned for his Khalsa Panth). He saw all as one, never attacked anyone, never killed an innocent and never converted anyone with force. He was embodiment of Love. The most merciful master, who even killed his enemies in battlefield with the intention of liberating them, in battle of Chamkaur Sahib, Mughal army was being led by Vazir khan, Zabardast Khan, Ajmer Chand and Khwaja Mardood. They were at the end of their formations, looking at battle from a higher location. Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj, shot four arrows at them, which flying for miles in air, hit helmets of these Generals. Zabardast Khan said loudly, Allah saved us! And then they saw there was a letter tied to one of the arrows. Vazir Khan picked up that letter and what he read sent down a shiver down his spine. Master of Archery, Guru Gobind Singh ji had written,’ Vazir Khan, Zabardast Khan, I know you will thank Allah after these arrows hit your helmets and bring them down, but remember, these arrows could have cut your heads and pierced your throats and chests, but I don’t want you to die such an easy death, I don’t wish you to die as warriors in battlefield, so that you get liberated. Your death awaits you, but in a more fierce and painful form, wait for it’.

                  Sometimes I think, when will people, especially we Sikhs start understanding Love of our Guru. Some people say Dharam should not be based on emotions; there is no place for emotions in faith. But I say emotions are a must. The day we start having emotions for Guru, start feeling his Love, that day the bond of everlasting Love will be tied. Guru doesn’t look for his Sikh’s money, his treasures, his fake words, rites and rituals. Guru needs Love, Pure Love. This bond of Love can never be broken, once it is made. And Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj is the one Guru who will never let go of his Sikh. Did he fail martyrs of Chamkaur Sahib? No. When Bhai Daya Singh ji tried to cover body of Baba Ajit Singh ji, Guruji stopped him from doing so, saying ‘Daya Singh, if you wish to cover the body of Ajit Singh, make sure you have enough cloth to cover bodies of all my Sikhs, else leave Ajit Singh also’. Where will we find such a Guru? Is there someone else like him? People who convert to other religions leaving the great Sikhi of Guru are the biggest losers on this planet, because there is no one else like Dasmesh Pita. He didn’t fail his Sikhs at ‘Khidrane di Dhaab’. Here Bhai Maha Singh and 40 Gursikhs, who had deserted Guru’s ranks at Anandpur Sahib came back and fought the Mughal Army, blocking its advance towards Guru and forcing it to retreat. As Guru Gobind Singh ji came in battlefield looking for survivors, he heard Bhai Maha Singh crying for Guru’s Darshan. Guruji went up to him, placed his head on his right thigh and asked Maha Singh’s for his wish. Bhai Sahib replied saying ‘Maharaj, We deserted you at Anandpur Shaib, and we wrote a letter giving up your Sikhi. O merciful Lord, please tear down that letter, forgive us and accept us back in your Sikhi. This is the last wish of your dying Sikh.’ Tears of Love flowed down eyes of Guru Gobind Singh ji and he tore his Gatra from middle. Out he brought ‘bedaava’ which Singhs had written at Anandpur Sahib. Maharaj said, ‘Maha Singh, I lost my four Sons, My mother, thousands of beloved Sikhs, Baani and literature, but see how close to my heart I have kept this letter of yours. I knew someday my Sons will come back to me, and that day I will tear this letter in front of them.’ And saying this Maharaj tore down that Bedaava. As he tore down that bedava and kissed forehead of his Sikh Bhai Maha Singh, the brave Gursikh left his body and went to sachkhand in peace.

               Here is the Guru, who lost his entire family, and at one time had even his clothes torn down by thorns in forest, but he didn’t let the Bedaava tear or get lost. It’s the Love of Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj for his sikh. A Sikh, who loved Guru at any given time, but went far from Guru due to any reason, will one day come back to his Sikhi, because other end of this chain of Love is in hands of Maharaj, who never lets it go. He is the one, who waits patiently for his Sikh to come back to him, because Guru is ever forgiving, it’s only the Sikh who needs to come back and seek forgiveness from Guru.

             Couldn’t Guru Gobind Singh have saved his sons? He could have. He is master of Supreme Power, beholds power of Creation and preservation in his hands, he could have done anything. But he didn’t. Why?  Because if he had saved his sons, then every Sikh father and mother whose son went for Shaheedi would have asked Guru to save their sons. They would have said, ‘O Guru, you protected your sons from death, now save ours.’ But Guru let his sons attain Shaheedi, to inspire coming generations of Sikhs to send their sons to battlefield for Shaheedi without remorse. When Baba Banda Singh ji’s 3.5 year old son was killed by piercing out his heart, Babaji sat unshaken, with the belief that his son has joined ranks of Baba Fateh Singh ji. When hundreds of innocent little kids, of 1-2 years, of 6 months age were butchered in jail of Mir Manu in Lahore, when they were pierced with spears and their bodies cut to pieces, garlands made of those cut body parts and put around necks of mothers, the Brave mothers sat without tears. Only a mother can understand pain of a mother whose six month old baby is cut into parts and then thrown in her lap. I lose words most of the time to explain, to gauge, to understand their bravery, their courage, their vast love for Guru and Sikhi. My evil mind has no power to determine their level of Sikhi and Love. It’s just unthinkable. But one thing which comes to mind is what made them pass through those hard times? What made them face those hardships with such faith and firmness? I believe it was Guru Gobind Singh ji’s sacrifice of his four sons. I believe it was great sacrifice of Sahibzadey and Mata Gujri ji. I believe it was holy blood of great sons of Guru Gobind Singh ji which gave them power, courage and faith to sacrifice their sons for Sikhi. Those Shaheediya of Guru Gobind Singh ji’s family are the one which inspired millions and millions of Sikhs till today and will continue to inspire generations of Sikhs till times immemorial to live, fight and die for Guru, Guru’s honour and Sikhi. A true Sikh, who is attached to his Guru’s Shabad, Guru’s Hukam, Guru’s Feet will never fall for anything which takes him/her far from Guru, which takes him/her far from Sikhi and pure Khalsa ideals.

                 Whenever I feel low, whenever I feel I’m going down, those beautiful, smiling and glowing faces of Baba Zorawar Singh, Baba Fateh Singh ji come in front of my eyes. Its just a vision, or just a thought of my mind, but that is enough to get me up on my feet, to give me power and courage to hold on, to fight, to stand up for my ideals and principles, to hold on to my Guru and my Sikhi.

                   I know Sikhi is hard, path of Guru is hard, there are thorns on every step, but when the light of Sahibzadey is there to lighten up my path, there is no fear, that I will get lost in darkness. I know world is full of distractions, there are people who will try their best to bring me down from this path, there are people who wish to see me down, there are people who wish me to fall on their feet instead of Shaheed Singhs and My Guru, but when Shaheedi Fauja of Baba Fateh Singh ji hold my hand, there is nothing which can throw me down. This is not my Ego or pride; this is my Faith, My love, my belief in power and love of my elder brothers, the Great Sahibzadey.
I know I am weak, but when Shakti of Shaheed Singhs is there to empower me to keep walking despite all the hurdles, I am sure one day I will reach the Abode of My Guru, where on throne of truth sits My Father, Lord of Universe, Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj.

           I know no one is like my Father, and there is no one like my brothers, Baba Ajit Singh, Baba Jhujar Singh, Baba Zorawar Singh and Baba Fateh Singh ji. And I know that there is no place in universe, in whole creation where I can run away from them. They Love us, not only me but everyone who has even a bit of love for them.

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Difficult Terrain of Sikhi -2 (Aukhi Ghaati)

Night of 21st December 1704, the night when Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj was requested by Khalsa Panth to leave Chamkaur di garhi…..the night when Guru Gobind Singh ji gave his Kalgi to his beloved Sikh Bhai Sangat Singh Bangeshari…..the night when a father passed through body of his beautiful and beloved son, the son whom he had named Ajit Singh, The Invincible.

         Even the thought of that time sends shivers down my spine. These are the days I close my eyes and take myself back in the time when Guru Gobind Singh ji had arrived in small, mud walled fortress of Chamkaur. He was on his beloved horse, Dal Bidaar (the destroyer of battalions), had his two sons, five beloved ones and 36 Sikhs with him. The Sikhs were the ones who had stayed with him whole their life, someone was hazooriya, some one was Chaur sewak, someone fed Guruji’s horses, someone like Bhai Maan Singh was hazooriya of younger Sahibzadey. There was Bhai Kirpa Singh, who had led a delegation of 500 Kashmiri Pandits to Guru Teg Bahadur ji in 1675 and after Guruji’s Shaheedi had come to Sikhi. There was Bhai Jeevan Singh who brought Guru Teg Bahadur ji’s head from Delhi. While these were the elderly Singhs aged 70 and 55 respectively, there were Bhai Raam Singh and Bhai Sangraam Singh, teenaged sons of Bhai Bachittar Singh ji and grandsons of Bhai Mani Singh ji, who were in Jatha of Baba Ajit Singh ji. Born and raised up in Anandpur Sahib, they were best friends of Baba Ajit Singh ji. This small band of holy warriors reached at Chamkaur on night of 20 December. Mughal Army assisted by Hindu Kings continuously pursued Guruji and his small group of Sikhs to Chamkaur Sahib. 21st December is shortest day in India, and one of the coldest one, still the Sikhs lied under open sky, with just their Shawls to cover their bodies. In the night as the Singhs slept, Guru Gobind Singh ji stood guard.

         Isn’t this beautiful? The Sikhs were sleeping with their shields as pillows, holding their kirpans in hands, and Guru Gobind Singh ji stood guard of these Sikhs. Where in the universe will we find such loving Master, who guards his Sikhs whole night? He was not just guarding, while Sikhs slept, Guruji went to each and every Sikh and cleaned his face with his hazooriya, kissing forehead of someone, someone’s hand or feet. He knew, these beautiful souls were going to leave this planet next day, he knew these beloved Sikhs were going to get cut to pieces next day for his honour, his love. He knew these Sikhs were going to become Shaheed next day, and that was the only night he knew was left to be with them, love them, look at their glowing faces, which despite hardships and hunger of six months were still in charhdi kala. What I can give them, the Guru thought. What should I do to repay their love and faith? These were the thoughts in beloved Satguru ji’s heart when suddenly Bhai Daya Singh ji woke up, and with him woke Sangraam Singh. Bhai Sahib saw Guruji going to every sikh, cleaning his face and kissing his feet. Both Singhs looked at each other and went to Satguru ji. As they tried to speak, Satguru ji looked at them and said ‘ Daya Singh, quiet…don’t say a word, my sons are fast asleep’. Bhai Sahib said ‘Maharaj, we are just your Sikhs; you are our master, our Lord. We are not like even the dust of your feet and you are kissing our feet? Why Maharaj? Satguru ji said ‘Daya Singh, you all are my beloved Sons, and I know tomorrow many of you will be lying in that battlefield which I see in front of me, tomorrow your souls will be in Sachkhand, and bodies lying in dust of this earth, I will not be able to see most of you again in this world, let me love and bless my Sikhs tonight, I don’t have anything to repay your Love, your faith. For me you all have faced such hardships, what can I give you? Hearing these words of Love, both Singhs fell at Dasmesh pita’s feet and said Satguru ji, promise us you will give us what we ask? Guruji promised! And the Gursikhs said ‘Satguruji,wherever we will be tomorrow,whatever happens to us,we live or die, we don’t need heavens,just give us little place in your heart.

       Hearing this, tears of Bairaag and prem started flowing down Satguru ji’s eyes, Sikhs were already in tears. Dasmesh pita ji took both Singhs in his arms and promised ‘ Singho, all the place in my heart is for you, you who are going to die for me, you who have sacrificed your self and ego for me, you who lived your entire life for me. I live inside you and you live in me’. Getting the blessing, Satguruji and Sikhs sat down for Nitnem and as Amritvela started, all the Singhs rose up and sat down in Samadhiya. Guru Gobind Singh ji sat on a high platform and all the Singhs and Sahibzadey sat down in Guruji’s feet. There were stars shining in sky, but their glow, their shine was nothing compared to the holy glow of Naam emanating from those blessed souls in Chamkaur di garhi.

         Whole day bloody battle raged, one after another, Sikhs kept felling, fighting millions in battlefield. Then Baba Ajit Singh ji went into the Samar-bhoomi and attained martyrdom. Seeing his elder brother fall, Baba Jhujar Singh ji took out his sword and asked Pita-Guru for permission to go in battlefield. As Maharaj nodded, Bhai Daya Singh ji held arm of Baba Jhujar Singh ji and said  Maharaj, Ajit Singh has attained Shaheedi, no one knows where are the younger Sahibzadas, we don’t know if we will see them again or not, Jhujar Singh is the only one we have at the moment, please don’t send him to battle. I will go at his turn, not he. Maharaj smiled at Daya Singh, removed his hand from Baba Jhujar Singh’s hand and said, Dharam needs him, the palace of Dharam has to be built on heads of my Sons, only then will Dharam survive. Saying this Maharaj sent Baba Jhujar Singh ji to battlefield, and saw his son getting cut to pieces in battlefield. As Sahibzada Jhujar Singh ji fell as Martyr, Maharaj did a Jaikaara which shook the enemies like a earthquake. As the skies thundered with sounds of Jo Bole So Nihal….Sat Sri Akaal……..Guru Gobind Singh ji took a deep breath and thanked Waheguru for taking back what was his.

       In the night when Maharaj left Chamkaur di Garhi, Bhai Daya Singh, Dharam Singh and Maan Singh left with Maharaj. As Guruji walked through bodies of Sikhs and his Sons, he stopped Bhai Daya Singh from putting any cloth on body of his son Baba Ajit Singh as that will be an injustice to other Sikhs who died fighting for him.

   As Maharaj reached Jungle of Maachiwara, and lied on bed of thorns and stones near a well, his eyes watched the night sky. Moon was shining in its full glory, it being a full moon light, stars were shining, and it was chilling cold. Suddenly cool breeze of wind touched Maharaj’s body, and Maharaj started talking to that breeze…..
‘Mittar Pyare nu, Haal mureeda da kehna’

         Sometimes I think, there have been hundreds and thousands of Prophets, Avatars, Mahapurakhs and Rishis on this planet, but is there someone like Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj. I read all religions, lives of their prophets and avtars, their words and deeds, and to be honest, no one comes close to Great life of Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj.  Guru Gobind Singh ji took with him three Sikhs, he could have taken one of his sons too, but he didn’t, why? Guru Gobind Singh ji could have saved his family, his sons, his mother and Father too…but he didn’t, why? Why did Maharaj fight? For empire? For wealth? For positions?  No, he didn’t. He fought for Dharma, Truth, equality, justice and freedom. He fought so that those who have been oppressed from centuries could breathe in free air. He fought so that thousands of sisters and daughters who were sold in markets as slaves could be saved. He gave blood of his Sons so that millions of Sons who were killed innocently could be saved. Going through this much pain and hardships, he kept smiling.

         Sitting all alone in forest of Maachiwara, on bed of thorns and stones, Maharaj closed his eyes and thanked Waheguru Aakaal Purakh. Today the Shahe-Shenshah was sitting all alone in forest. There was no Chaur, no takhat, not Kalgi, no shoes in feet, no horse, no army, nothing. Out of four sons, not even one was with him, mother, wives, younger sons, no one was there. All the beloved Sikhs had died fighting in the battles of Sarsa and Chamkaur…..life was at standstill. It was painful and teary, and a normal human being would have died, but look at Guru Gobind Singh. He is singing ‘Yaarrhe da sanu sathar changa, bhath kheryha da rehna’ ( bed of thorns of my beloved friend is better than pleasing beds of world,which are nothing more than a furnace).

  It is Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj’s greatness who did such kirpa on us fools and blessed us with his love. Sometimes I think what good deed I did that I am born into a Sikh family? What good deed I did that I got Amrit of Guru Gobind Singh ji maharaj and I got to read Maharaj’s Baani? Sikhi is very high, very pure, very blissful, much above the level paapis like me can even imagine. What Guru Gobind Singh ji did for us is unmatched, unimaginable. I believe if the Sikhs have been able to face all the massacres, genocides and holocausts; it’s just because of Holy Spirit Guru Gobind Singh ji has infused in Panth. If Panth survives today, its because Guruji lives in Panth himself. Its Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj’s pure life which inspires Sikhs of all the times to stay true committed and dedicated to Dharam and Truth.

    People have their own perceptions of religion, how to meet God, do simran, read Baani, get beyond Maaya etc. I have my beliefs in place, that is, As a Sikh I don’t need to do anything except ‘Loving my Guru with True heart’. It’s the True Love which takes you beyond Vikaars, lust, anger and attachments, it’s the true love which inspires you to keep walking on path of beloved, no matter how much you have to suffer, have to bear the pain. It’s the True Love which takes you beyond Maaya, it’s the True Love which will bring God to you. Those who have Love in their hearts don’t have to go to God, God himself comes to them.  What Guru Gobind Singh ji maharaj’s jeevan teaches us is Love, Love and just Love because loving your beloved even on bed of thorns will give you peace, even the pain will feel like a pleasure, a joy. There’s nothing which can save one from falling in Vikaars, except True Love.

     Love is to relation of a Sikh and Guru what Breath is to body. Without breath, body is dead, without Love, Sikh is dead. I will keep on writing, I don’t know what I write, what I speak, what I do……..but whatever I do, there’s only one wish at the back of mind, O Father, just give me little place in your heart. I don’t have the power to be your Sikh, read baani, do anything good, I am worse that worst, but I have a hope, that I have a father like Guru Gobind Singh ji, who never leaves those who love him even a bit.

Never leave me….because the journey to Anandpur is still long, very long.

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The Difficult Terrain of Sikhi -1

Once I was talking to Sant Hardev Singh ji about the present situation of Khalsa Panth, about why are we so divided, so confused, so broken? Why is there no one who can lead us and guide us through these hard times? Why isn’t Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj being merciful on us, seeing Panth in such a pitiful situation?
And He told me a Sakhi.

         In 1960’s Babaji went on yatra to Hazoor sahib. Near Gurudwara Langar Sahib, there used to be Kutiya of a Gurmukh Piare Mahapurakh. He was very Naam rasiya Abhyaasi gurmukh, who did intense Jap-Tap and there was a deeply peaceful glow on his face all the time. When you see a Mahapurakh, the compassion in his eyes, the innocence in his smile, the humility in his words and deeds, and the glow on his forehead is enough to recognize a True Saint. Babaji said as I went to have his darshan, I said Fateh and touched his feet; he smiled at me and asked about my well being. As both Gurmukhs started talking, some more Sangat entered the room as they had seen Babaji entering the room. In that Sangat was a person who was Patit (the one who cuts his hair).He came and touched feet of that Mahapurakh and placed some money at his feet. Mahapurakhs looked at his face for some time, then picked up that money and handed it back to that person. He said Babaji why don’t you keep this money? Please keep it for your daily use or if you say I’ll go and bring you some clothes or something useful with it. Mahapurakhs smiled and said, Son, if you wish to do sewa, the do it after you keep your kesh. He said Babaji, why can’t I do sewa now?  Babaji said Son, I can keep your money, use it, do whatever with it, I don’t mind, only thing which stops me is my Guru’s Hukam. If I take money from you, tomorrow morning when I go to Sachkhand, Guru Gobind Singh ji is going to ask me, why you took money from a Patit? What will I answer? What will I reply to Maharaj? I already fear that what is Maharaj going to say to me for ‘sitting’ in company of a Patit? Guru Gobind Singh ji wants his Sikh to stay away from those who are Manmukh, those who value their Man-Matt more that Guru-mat, those who go against Guru’s Pargat Hukam and still claim to believe in Guru. How can a person who’s disobeying Guru’s Pargat Hukam claim to be following Guru from all his mind and soul?

       Baba Hardev Singh ji told I was in tears hearing this. How much Love for Guru Gobind Singh ji’s Hukam, Baani and Baana this mahapurush had. Hearing bachans of Mahapurakhs, tears started flowing from that person’s eyes. He promised to Mahapurakhs that next time when he visits them, he’ll be in Saabat soorat and then Mahapurakhs will have to accept his Sewa. Sangat left after some time and Baba Hardev Singh ji also said Fateh to mahapurakhs and left his kutiya

       Vichars continued and then the internal contemplation of those words started. There was a churning process inside, which was surely going to lead to some type of Jewel coming out. I was thinking do we have such Mahapurakhs today in our Panth? Are there Jeevan wale Gursikhs in our Panth who give pehra on Guruji’s bachans like this? We also go to Gurudwara sahib everyday, have we ever felt the fear in our hearts when we go to Gurughar after committing some type of sin or Ku-rehit? Do we fear Guru Sahib that what will Guruji say to me if I did so and so bad thing? NO.

       We fear where we have some type of attachment, some type of bond. We don’t fear Guru today because we don’t see him as Haazar Naazar, we don’t fear lying in his presence, fighting and removing turbans of other Sikhs, slandering his beloved Gursikhs, speaking against his Baani and Maryada, because we don’t fear Him anymore  We don’t Love Guru anymore. If we loved him, only then would we think, I should not do such bad things, such kurehits, such things against his Hukam which he doesn’t like. If we loved him, we would have feared that what if he got angry on me?

   That was Mahapurakh who didn’t take money from a person who was Patit, and today we have ‘Mahapurakhs’ who go to each and everyone’s house, have parshada, take money from people who are Patit. We have Sikhs whose ‘very best friends’ are Patits (manmukh). We’d say it’s very hard to live such a strict rehat, but isn’t that what Baani of Guru Granth Sahib ji says us to do?

ਨਾਨਕ ਮਨਮੁਖਾ ਨਾਲੋ ਤੁਟੀ ਭਲੀ ਜਿਨ ਮਾਇਆ ਮੋਹ
ਪਿਆਰੁ ॥

O Nanak, it is good to break away from the self-willed manmukhs, who have love and attachment to Maya. ||1||

Our Guru wants us to stay away from those who are self-willed, against Guru;s Hukam, then why we keep deep bonds and friendships with such people? I’m not just talking about Patit Sikhs, its true for everyone else who is not in Guru’s Hukam, even for people from other communities or faiths. Where there is a chance of getting corrupt, a chance of going away from Guru’s ideals and Hukam, a Sikh should distance himself/herself from such people, what if they are best friends. Today Amritdhari Singhs/singhaniya consider it a ‘cool thing’ to hang out with manmukh friends (from sikh and non-sikh families), who drink and smoke and do all sort of Anti-Sikhi things. Is it right for a Sikh to enter in such a ‘Dosti’ (friendship)? Do our Sikh youth (boys and girls) see before entering into friendships with manmukhs whether that friendship is good for their Jeevan or not? Would Guru Gobind Singh ji condone such a thing? For a Sikh, Guru and Gursikhs are best friends, none else. Staying in Sangat of Gursikhs helps us elevate our consciousness, our spiritual Jeevan, our firmness in Baana and Baani, whereas Sangat of Manmukhs is sure to take us away from Guru, someday! See what Guru Arjan Dev ji says about friendship with a Manmukh

ਮਃ 5

ਮਨਮੁਖਾ ਕੇਰੀ ਦੋਸਤੀ ਮਾਇਆ
ਕਾ ਸਨਬੰਧੁ ॥

ਵੇਖਦਿਆ ਹੀ ਭਜਿ ਜਾਨਿ
ਕਦੇ ਨ ਪਾਇਨਿ ਬੰਧੁ ॥

ਜਿਚਰੁ ਪੈਨਨਿ ਖਾਵਨੇ ਤਿਚਰੁ
ਰਖਨਿ ਗੰਢੁ ॥

ਜਿਤੁ ਦਿਨਿ ਕਿਛੁ ਨ ਹੋਵਈ
ਤਿਤੁ ਦਿਨਿ ਬੋਲਨਿ ਗੰਧੁ ॥

ਜੀਅ ਕੀ ਸਾਰ ਨ ਜਾਣਨੀ
ਮਨਮੁਖ ਅਗਿਆਨੀ ਅੰਧੁ ॥

ਕੂੜਾ ਗੰਢੁ ਨ ਚਲਈ ਚਿਕੜਿ
ਪਥਰ ਬੰਧੁ ॥

ਅੰਧੇ ਆਪੁ ਨ ਜਾਣਨੀ ਫਕੜੁ
ਪਿਟਨਿ ਧੰਧੁ ॥

ਝੂਠੈ ਮੋਹਿ ਲਪਟਾਇਆ ਹਉ
ਹਉ ਕਰਤ ਬਿਹੰਧੁ ॥

ਕ੍ਰਿਪਾ ਕਰੇ ਜਿਸੁ ਆਪਣੀ
ਧੁਰਿ ਪੂਰਾ ਕਰਮੁ ਕਰੇਇ ॥

ਜਨ ਨਾਨਕ ਸੇ ਜਨ ਉਬਰੇ
ਜੋ ਸਤਿਗੁਰ ਸਰਣਿ ਪਰੇ ॥

Fifth Mehl:
Friendship with the self-willed manmukhs is an alliance with Maya.
As we watch, they run away; they never stand firm.
As long as they get food and clothing, they stick around.
But on that day when they receive nothing, then they start to curse.
The self-willed manmukhs are ignorant and blind; they do not know the secrets of the soul.
The false bond does not last; it is like stones joined with mud.
The blind do not understand themselves; they are engrossed in false worldly entanglements.
Entangled in false attachments, they pass their lives in egotism and self-conceit.
But that being, whom the Lord has blessed with His Mercy from the very beginning, does perfect deeds, and accumulates good karma.
O servant Nanak, those humble beings alone are saved, who enter the Sanctuary of the True Guru. ||2||

      Where are those Sants who followed Guru’s Hukam to the soul? Guru Gobind Singh ji clearly stated in his Hukamnaama that ‘my sikh should stay away from ‘Bhaadni’ (one who cuts his Kesh) and ‘kannya maaran wala’ (one who kills daughter or girl child)’. Do we believe in this direct Hukam of Dasmesh Pita? Do modern day Sants or Jathedars or Parcharaks of today ask the people they stay with or go to for having Parshada that ‘whether they have killed a Kannya’? If the next person lies, it’s his Paap, but atleast these people, Mahapurakhs and scholars should follow the rule, set an example and carry out awareness in society about importance of believing in Guru’s bachans from heart. Before accepting large cash amounts from people, do the Sants and parcharaks make sure the person is not Patit?   Will Guru Gobind Singh ji today accept any type of Maaya from Patit and Kurehtiyas? Will Guruji accept any sewa from those who kill daughters? Will Guruji accept sewa of those who refuse to accept even a basic Hukam of Guru, not to cut Kesh, (all other Hukams are much more difficult to obey, and this is the easiest one). No. Then how can we hope Guru to be merciful on us? How can we hope Guru to be compassionate on us and bless us?

        All the above vichar is not about being ‘Fanatic’ or ‘orthodox’. This is about being firm in your faith, in believing Hukam of your Guru from heart, from mind and soul. This is about living in fear of Guru, fear that my Guru might stop loving me, fear that I might go far from my Guru one day, fear that I might lose my Sikhi one day. The Sikh who believes in Guru’s Hukam from all his Soul will never go far from Guru, he cannot go far from Guru as Guru will himself take care of this bond of Love. Only thing which Guru looks for in his Sikh is true Love, Firm faith and dedication to Guru. Any reason, any explanation which is given against Guru’s Baani and Hukam comes not out of Guru’s Love, but out of Manmatt, it comes out from ego, worldly attachments, from filth of Mind. A Sikh can leave entire world, fake friendships, even his body, for Guru. 

       But as time went by, dedication towards Guru, towards following his bachans, his rehat decreased. Today we don’t see Gurmukh piare mahapurakhs who can live in Kutiya but refuse money from a Patit, today we see traders and businessman in garb of Sants and Sadhus whose only wish is collect as much money as possible, build big Gurudwaras in their names, open schools and colleges in their names (to create permanent sources of income if other things fail). There was a time no one with cut Kesh used to be part of Panth (and traditions still continues in Kashmir, Assam, Nanded and some parts of NWFP, Pakistan) but as the principles weakened, manmatt took over. This was the Panth which ex-communicated people like Bhai Sukha Singh and Bhai Jassa Singh on the ‘suspicion’ of killing female child, and today we have people who claim to be Amritdhari, but have killed female children, either in womb through abortion or after Birth. When 80% so called Sikhs have blood of their daughters on their own hands, which Guru’s kirpa are we looking for? When 100% Sants and Missionaries alike consider such people ‘good Sikhs’ where do we hope Guru’s kirpa to shine?

     It’s the time we Sikhs get our act together and sort out things. It’s the time to set out the priorities, whether it’s Guru and His Hukam which matters or our worldly relations?  We have to chose between Gurumat and Manmatt. Gurumatt is what is there in Baani of Guru Granth Sahib ji, Manmatt is what we create through our mind’s perception. We can consider such people Sikh, for sake of numbers, for sake of votes, but don’t hope Guru to accept such people as Sikhs until they confess to their crime in front of Guru and undergo atonement. Guru is bakshan-haar, but only for those who accept their crime and beg for mercy, not for those who carry on doing kurehits, paap, crimes and still believe themselves to be best of human beings.
We Sikhs are the one who can ‘gain’ Guru’s kirpa in our lives, it’s just that we need to look at our deeds, are they worthy of making us able for such a precious thing such as Guru’s kirpa?
I personally don’t believe or see any person who has relations with a ‘Patit’ (person with shorn hair),’Kurimaar’(killer of girl child) , ‘Narimaar’(smoker) as a Sikh. Rehat Maryada and updesh of panj piare is not just for Amrit Sachar day, its for whole life, it’s a guiding principle in our life, and a Sikh has to live his life according to those principles. If we cannot live according to them, that’s our weakness, not Guru’s fault.

        Today what we Sikhs need is Guru Gobind Singh ji’s ‘TEZ’ (power). Khalsa Panth cannot survive without Guru’s Power, and if we are helpless, weak and broken today, there’s every possibility that we have lost our connection to source of our Energy, Our Power, Guru Gobind Singh ji.
Everyday Guru Gobind Singh ji waits for such Sikhs who follow his Baani, His Hukam, and baana with dedication, Love and purity, so that he can bless such souls with power to serve Panth, rejuvenate Khalsa, infuse the spirit of Courage, Shaheediya and Charhdi Kala, but where are those Sikhs?

 Rehat maryada is not just about following certain points we feel easy to follow, its to be followed in its entirety and those who have followed it by every word have been blessed by Guru to change the time. What Baba Attar Singh ji or Baba Gurbachan Singh ji or Sant Jarnail Singh ji did in last century could not have been done by most of the present day Sants and Sadhus and Missionaries and today if most of them lack the ability to change things, to take Panth out of deep pit , its because they lack the Jeevan which is necessary for  having such great power.

Remember, A Sikh is not fanatic, a sikh is not terrorist, a Sikh is not hindu,muslim, Christian or anything else, a Sikh is not Jatt or khatri or lubana or Saini, a Sikh is not so called fake secularist or communist or orthodox or Sanatan or whatever…..a Sikh is a Sikh. The day we become Sikh and start living as per our Guru wants us to live, Guru Gobind Singh ji will infuse the Power, the Shakti this Panth needs today.

  Baba Hardev Singh ji said, these types of views will be tagged as ‘Fanatic’, so are there any takers of this Fanatic Sikhi?  Rememeber one thing, maybe you lose your relatives, your friends at school college or work, maybe you lose your social life, one thing which this ‘fanatic sikhi’ gurantees is Purity of Life and Character, which in turn gurantees Guru Gobind Singh ji’s Love and Mercy. Any takers of this Kirpa?

I’ll leave you with this beautiful Shabad from Guru Ramdas ji Maharaj.

ਧਨਾਸਰੀ ਮਹਲਾ 4

ਸੇਵਕ ਸਿਖ ਪੂਜਣ ਸਭਿ
ਆਵਹਿ ਸਭਿ ਗਾਵਹਿ ਹਰਿ ਹਰਿ ਊਤਮ ਬਾਨੀ ॥

ਗਾਵਿਆ ਸੁਣਿਆ ਤਿਨ ਕਾ
ਹਰਿ ਥਾਇ ਪਾਵੈ ਜਿਨ ਸਤਿਗੁਰ ਕੀ ਆਗਿਆ ਸਤਿ ਸਤਿ ਕਰਿ ਮਾਨੀ ॥

ਬੋਲਹੁ ਭਾਈ ਹਰਿ
ਕੀਰਤਿ ਹਰਿ ਭਵਜਲ ਤੀਰਥਿ ॥

ਹਰਿ ਦਰਿ ਤਿਨ ਕੀ ਊਤਮ
ਬਾਤ ਹੈ ਸੰਤਹੁ ਹਰਿ ਕਥਾ ਜਿਨ ਜਨਹੁ ਜਾਨੀ ॥ ਰਹਾਉ ॥

ਆਪੇ ਗੁਰੁ ਚੇਲਾ ਹੈ
ਆਪੇ ਆਪੇ ਹਰਿ ਪ੍ਰਭੁ ਚੋਜ ਵਿਡਾਨੀ ॥

ਜਨ ਨਾਨਕ ਆਪਿ ਮਿਲਾਏ
ਸੋਈ ਹਰਿ ਮਿਲਸੀ ਅਵਰ ਸਭ ਤਿਆਗਿ ਓਹਾ ਹਰਿ ਭਾਨੀ ॥
Dhanaasaree, Fourth Mehl:
All the Sikhs and servants come to worship and adore You; they sing the sublime Bani of the Lord, Hari, Hari.
Only their singing and listening is approved by the Lord, who accept the Order of the True Guru as True, totally True. ||1||
Chant the Lord's Praises, O Siblings of Destiny; the Lord is the sacred shrine of pilgrimage in the terrifying world-ocean.
They alone are praised in the Court of the Lord, O Saints, who know and understand the Lord's sermon. ||Pause||
He Himself is the Guru, and He Himself is the disciple; the Lord God Himself plays His wondrous games.
O servant Nanak, he alone merges with the Lord, whom the Lord Himself merges; all the others are forsaken, but the Lord loves him. ||2||5||11||

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Sant Gurbachan Singh ji's visit to Shaheed Sarovar

This Sakhi is taken from the life of Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale who were the 12th Jathedar of Damdami Taksal in an unbroken linage of Brahmgiani Jathedars of Taksal starting from a joint leadership of Bhai Mani Singh Shaheed and  Baba Deep Singh Ji Shaheed.  Interestingly, both of the latter mentioned shaheed mahapurkhs gave darshan to Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh ji at Shaheed Sarovar. Mahapurkh Sant Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji had a life of intense simran and seva. This was accompanied by their bhagti accumulated in a past life in which they had been close to Guru Sahib themselves and also the blessing and guidance of their spiritual mentor, himself a complete saint and leader of taksal: Sant Giani Sundar Singh Ji.

This katha begins at Chamkaur Sahib where mahapurkh had come in a state of  spiritual bairag (longing). This is the same land where two of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj’s own Sahibzaade Baba Ajit Singh Ji and Baba Jujhar Singh became shaheed (martyred), where three of the 5 beloved Panj Pyare: Bhai Sahib Singh Ji, Bhai Himmat Singh Ji and Bhai Mokham Singh Ji became shaheed along with 40 other Singhs. At this historical site there is an old  Baoli Sahib or an open well west of the Akali Bunga. Mahapurkh chose this place for their meditation, seeing it as a very quiet tranquil place with little disturbance from people. It was perfect for them, as they had no intention of openly showing their meditation to the world, for them it was important that they kept their spiritual status hidden from the world as Gurbani informs:
“hon najeek khudhaae dhai bhaeth n kisai dhaen ||116||”
They are close to the Lord, but they do not reveal their secret to anyone. ||116||.
This is quiet contrary to the elaborate asthans built nowadays. Mahapurkh on the contrary had no intention of drawing any attention to themselves but instead went to the extent of doing their abhias (meditative practise) at night between the hours of 8pm and 4am, continuously without interval. The interesting nature of this bhagati was that it was done inside the cold water for the whole eight hours.

Their avastha became such they felt like leaving this filth-ridden kalyugi world. They set off nearly 50 km north on foot towards the mountainous region near Kiratpur Sahib. In their mind they became firm that they have no further desire to communicate with the world, they would just do their bhajan and bandagi until their final swaas (breath) and leave this temporary body in the serenity of the mountains. After setting off, doing jaap (meditation) with every step they arrived in the mountainous region. Upon some exploration Mahapurkh got lost and ended up climbing a mountain when finally they came to the opening of a cave. Mahapurkh had a natural intuitive feeling that it would lead to somewhere so they entered the cave. When they set their feet in the cave and walked forward they saw there was darkness surrounding them, both forwards and towards the enetrance they had come through. During the narration of this Sakhi Sant Gurbachan Singh ji told that at one point it became so endlessly dark that they considered going back but then thought again. They remembered Guru Granth Sahib Jis Bani: “aagaahaa koo thraagh pishhaa faer n muhaddarraa ||”
(Look ahead; don't turn your face backwards.) and thought it their duty as a gursikh to continue.

They continued, reading gurbani continuously when finally they saw some light that showed the end of the cave. When they reached the exit of the cave they looked and it was completely bright and infront of them was a very beautiful sarovar (pool). Its beauty was both unheard and unseen off anywhere in the world before. Mahapurkh were astounded and became increasingly intrigued about where they had arrived. Around the pool were magnificently tall trees and on closer inspection they saw Shastars hung on the trees. Then when they proceeded further they saw people, human beings. These humans were not normal though, in size they were like giants in tales and their bodies reflected light. Mahpurkh thought to themselves  'maybe the end of your life is such' looking at the size of these intimidating people. Mahapurkh thought they were remote tribal people residing here but there was something very different about them from normal human beings. Still, with the teachings of Gurbani enshrined in them Mahapurkh did not turn back but rather they proceeded forward reciting gurbani. One of these people walked past mahapurkh and they caught a glimpse of their attire. Mahapurkh were very surprised that these people were wearing a kashera and a dastar, things began to make sense: the shastars on the tree and now their attire. It was at this point that it hit Sant ji that these must be Singhs of Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj. But the question was, what exactly were they doing here?

Suddenly one of them shouted “Gurbachan Singh Ji”. Mahapurkh were surprised that they knew their name but they didn’t even know what sort of people they were. Sant Jee were amazed that they knew his name, yet they had never met.  Then suddenly the tallest one out of them, assumedly their Jathedar Sahib said to those giant people “we’ll converse with Giani Ji after get something to eat for them”. At which one of them took a long spear and threw it towards the pool, when he pulled it out their came 3 unknown vegetables which looked a bit like yam or jimikand. They cooked these on hot coal and whilst they were being cooked the Jathedar Sahib of these people asked mahapurkh “why are you amazed Giani ji, are you surprised we called you by your name”.  The jathedar sahib ji continued “Giani ji, actually, we are surprised that you didn’t recognize your own people”. Mahapurkh said they didn’t recognize them.

One of the giant people stood up and said “Giani ji first I will introduce myself, I am Banda Singh Bahadur.” Baba Banda Singh Bahadur then pointed at another person “This is the mukhi of your Taksal Baba Deep Singh Ji”.  “Look there, that is Bhai Mani Singh ji and over there is Bhai Taru Singh Ji”. Mahapurkh began pinching themselves to check if they were having a dream listening to the names of these shaheed singhs.  Mahapurkh joined their hands together and said “ Singho, Guru Pyareo Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh”. Your words are true but I’d like to ask that all that you named have become shaheed but here you are all talking to me? First please be kind enough to tell me what is going on with me am I asleep or awake am I conscious or unconscious am I in a deep meditative state. Where am I?”

 The Singhs spoke “ Mahpurkho you are awake, what you are seeing is true. It is no illusion”. By now the vegetable product was ready and they served mahapurkh and the other Singhs. Baba ji said that this was like nothing they had ever tasted, it had the smell like Karah Parshad and tasty as Amrit. After eating they requested the Singhs to clearly tell them what was going on.

 As Mahapurkh were narrating this Giani Mohan Singh ji was sitting on the side of their bed, away from the direct vision of mahapurkh quickly jotting down all the whole sakhi. Pandit Prem Singh was sat infront of them, he tells us the face of mahapurkh became reddened with bliss as they told the sakhi to them.

 Sant Gurbachan Singh ji inquired whether they were talking about Shaheed Singhs and that they should openly tell them what’s happening with them. The Singh spoke once again “Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji, you are such a high scholar you narrate katha to so many. Please could you recite katha for us too please.”  Mahapurkh said “I don’t know about katha or anything at the moment please could you just explain what is happening with me, is this Sachkhand, the earth, where?.”

 The Singh Sahib ji said “ Very well, Giani JI when a Singh who has done kamai (practice) of Gurbani during their life or become Shaheed goes to Sachkhand they stop at the door where two Singhs ask them at the gate of Sachkand if they have any further desire to do Seva or they wish to go to Sachkhand. At this point if one says no, then they are escorted to Sachkhand but if they have a further desire then they come to us. This place is only second to Sachkhand.”

 Mahapurkh asked them: “Singho today you have given me darshan, will their come a time when you come to the earth and openly reveal yourself.”

 The Singhs said “Yes. Yes, we will. Look there are our Shastar and look there are our Nagarhe (Battle Drums). Mahpursho the dohra you recite, keep reciting it. “Raj Karega Khalsa” The Khalsa shall not rule through any other earthly way, it is us that will create the Khalsa Raj. We are preparing. You came through this cave Giani Ji, and we will come out this way. Akal Purkh has done boundless kirpa on you Giani ji, you have entered this cave once you never again in your life will get this opportunity. You can go back and find this cave but you will never be able too. Mahapursho we will beat the drums before we leave here, that time we will create the Khalsa Raj - The Halemi Raj where no one will suffer”

 Mahapurkh then said their Gurfateh to the Shaheed Singhs and left ‘Shaheed Sarovar’. When narrating this sakhi from their own life Mahapurkh, they became teary and said "I have wondered in the mountains many a time. I have never found that place again”. Mahapurkh looked around, they saw Giani Baba Mohan Singh ji writing. Mahapurkh asked them “Giani ji  have you written everything? Pass me your notebook”. Mahapurkh took the notebook and ripped it and said “Singho I forgot the rule of Gurbani “hon najeek khudhaae dhai bhaeth n kisai dhaen ||116||” (They are close to the Lord, but they do not reveal their secret to anyone. ||116||) and in your prem (love) I have told you this sakhi, I have ripped this because I do not want it published. It is my secret.”

We await with longing eyes, and pray to Akal Purkh that we see the return of the residents of Shaheed Sarovar on this earth again to create the Khalsa Raj. For 26 years we await that Saint-Soldier Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwala present mukhi of Damdami Taksal, who promised us Khalsa Raj during one of the darkest times in human history.

 *The purpose of writing this is to evoke sharda bhavana –the sentiment of faith in many of those hearts who have dropped hope of Khalsa Raj and have fallen victims to the false parchar of atheists disguised as Sikhs. For they slander Maharaj’s taksal and Vaddeh Mahapurkh and this Sakhi stands as a testimony to their greatness. All mistakes made are the fault of dass, the author. And all praise and credit goes to Vaddeh Mahapurkh Ji themselves*

                                                                                                                                                                                Sukhjeevan Singh

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The Hurting Truth

ਡੁੱਬ ਗਈਆਂ ਬੇੜੀਆਂ ਤੂਫਾਨ ਚੇਤੇ ਰਹਿ ਗਏ ,ਬੁੱਲਾਂ ਉੱਤੇ ਟਾਵੇਂ-ਟਾਵੇਂ ਨਾਮ ਚੇਤੇ ਰਹਿ ਗਏ ।
ਮਾਵਾਂ ਨੇ ਸੰਦੂਕਾਂ ਵਿੱਚ ਹਾਲੇ ਵੀ ਜੋ ਸਾਂਭੀਆ ਨੇ ,ਪੱਗਾਂ ਉੱਤੇ ਖੂਨ ਦੇ ਨਿਸ਼ਾਨ ਚੇਤੇ ਰਹਿ ਗਏ ।
ਨੱਚਕੇ ਗਈ ਸੀ ਅੱਗ ਘਰੋ-ਘਰੀ ਕੋਠਿਆਂ ਤੇ ,ਵਿਹੜਿਆਂ ਚ ਬਲੇ ਸ਼ਮਸ਼ਾਨ ਚੇਤੇ ਰਹਿ ਗਏ ।
ਪੋਸਟ ਮਾਰਟਮ ਰਿਪੋਟ ਵਿੱਚ ਜਿੰਦਾ ਸੀ ਜੋ ,ਮਾਰਕੇ ਵੀ ਮਾਰੇ ਓਹ ਜਵਾਨ ਚੇਤੇ ਰਹਿ ਗਏ ।
ਲੱਛੇਦਾਰ ਗੱਲਾਂ ਨਾਲ  ਪੁੱਤ ਸੀ ਮਰਾਏ ਜਿੰਨਾ,''ਬੱਲ'' ਬਾਕੀ ਦੋਗਲੇ ਬਿਆਨ ਚੇਤੇ ਰਹਿ ਗਏ ।।

                                                                ਹਰਜਿੰਦਰ ਸਿੰਘ ਬੱਲ

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Sangat's experiences with Babaji

Sangats Experiences with Sant Baba Thakur Singh Jee Khalsa

One day Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale got all the Singh’s together at the Dera and said to them that they needed a Singh for some seva. One Singh got up and said that they wanted to do the seva, Sant Ji said to the Singh that he wouldn’t be able to do the seva, so Sant Ji chose Baba Thakur Singh Ji to do the seva. When Baba Ji started doing Sant Ji’s seva, Sant Ji didn’t let Baba Ji go to sleep properly. Sant Baba Gurbachan Singh ji were in their Mauj that day and were testing Baba Thakur Singh ji's devotion and patience.So Sant Ji used to send Baba Ji to go and rest,and a few minutes later Sant Ji used to send a Singh to go and wake Baba Ji up. Whenever Baba Ji used to come back to Sant Ji, Sant Ji used to say angrily to Baba Ji that “Have you come here to sleep? it's better if you go back to your house.” But Baba Thakur Singh ji kept doing sewa with Love and patience, reading Baani and serving Vadde Mahapurakhs. After a year of seva, Sant Ji said to Baba Ji that they thought that Baba Ji would run away from this seva, but they didn’t. After this period Baba Ji got a lot of Bakshish from Sant Ji.

 Sant Ji once said that people come to stay in the Jatha to become a Giani, Ragi etc. But theirs one Singh, one Gurmukh in the Jatha who hasn’t got any pavanah, any icchha for anything. The Singh’s asked Sant Ji to tell them who that Singh was, Sant Ji replied that the Singh is Bhai Thakur Singh IchoGill Wale, meaning Baba Thakur Singh Ji Khalsa.

Date: May 2002 Ealing hospital, London.
Baba Ji had been very ill on their visit to England, infact just a couple of days after arriving in England Baba Ji got very ill and had to stay in hospital. It was around 2am in the hospital room and Bhai Gurraj Singh and Bhai Amolak Singh were with Baba Ji doing seva, Baba Ji had not talked to any one while they were in hospital all they did was listen to gurbani 24 hours a day 7 days a week. All of a sudden Baba Ji’s heart beat on the machine suddenly rised and went to the top then all of a sudden it went down fast, Bhai Gurraj Singh told Bhai Amolak Singh to go out of the room and get Baba Ji’s Nephew Bhai Jaswinder Singh Nihang who was outside in another room. While he went for Baba Ji’s nephew the doctors came rushing in and by that time Baba Ji’s nephew had arrived. In the room were the Three doctors, Bhai Gurraj Singh and Bhai Jaswinder Singh Nihang (Baba Ji’s nephew) and the doctors said to them that they were sorry that Baba Ji is not breathing or responding to anything anymore and that Baba Ji has passed away.As the two Singh’s looked at each other in shock, the doctors said that they will leave them alone for a few minutes, and as soon as the doctors went out, Bhai Jaswinder Singh held Baba Ji’s hand on one side and on the other side Bhai Gurraj Singh held Baba Ji’s hand and Bhai Jaswinder Singh started talking to Baba Ji saying “don’t go” “the singh’s need you” “what will we do without you”. All of a sudden Baba Ji got up and sat down on the hospital bed and started doing Vaahiguroo Jaap, Then Baba Ji looked forward and did Namashkaar and said Fateh 5 times, on the third time they said it Bhai Jaswinder Singh and Bhai Gurraj Singh started saying it aswell but they couldn’t see anything,as to whom Baba Ji was saying Fateh. Then Once Baba Ji said fateh 5 times, they put there left arm around Bhai Jaswinder Singh, and right arm around Bhai Gurraj Singh and tightly grabbed them and said “What ever was going to happen has happened, lets go home, im ok now, call for the car and lets get out of here”, Bhai Jaswinder Singh replieed “Baba Ji we will stay for a couple of days just to make sure”, Baba Ji replyed “No I’m ok, everything is fine” and then Baba Ji pulled out all the drips and wires from out of their body, stood up and said again “take me home, see im ok, call for the car and lets get out of here”

Shaheed Bhai Joginder Singh Harchowalwale was in pathankot jail,the C.R.P.F had arrested him and locked up there. In the room where he was locked up was a picture of Baba Deep Singh Ji Shaheed. One day he looked up at the picture and he remember Baba Ji and Mehta. While looking up at the picture he did a benti and said “Mahapurkho, Kirpa Karo”. He said that he will probably get shaheed one day, either today or another day, but he is requesting that he stays alive for another year because he wants to do the panth’s seva. After he did this benti all of a sudden Baba Ji’s roop appeared infront of him, Baba Ji was wearing white clothes with a nangi Sri Sahib held in their hand. Baba Ji said to Joginder Singh that his death is in Guru Sahib’s hands, that whatever Maharaj wants, that will happen. Baba Ji then said to him to get out of their, that the police can’t do anything to him. At this time the police where playing cards outside and there where big flood lights on outside. While Joginder Singh started walking out he got scared, thinking that if the police ask where he is going,he will just tell them that he is going to the toilet. But while he was walking out, the police didn’t see him and he walked straight past them. He then reached a big wall, he couldn’t jump over the wall because of his body was in such a terrible state after getting tortured by the police. All of a sudden heavy winds started, and he reached the other side of the wall, it was like someone had thrown him over the wall. At that point outside there were more police officers surrounding the area, but still no one could see him. 4km away from the jail was a pindh that he was familiar with, he went there and borrowed some money and went straight to Mehta. When he arrived at Mehta, Baba Ji was standing at the gates waiting for him. Baba Ji held his hand and took him to their room and asked how he was and then fed him. After Bhai Joginder Singh finished eating, he told Baba Ji what had happened. Baba Ji replied to him that it wasn’t them who helped him escape, that it was probably Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji, then Baba Ji said “Satguru Sahib Ji neh laaj rakhee”!

Bhai Ajaib Singh is now living in America. When he was at Mehta, he never used to go in the Darbar to listen to Katha. He used to walk around the Dera and recite Gurbani and listen to Katha at the same time from the speakers. One day Baba Ji saw him and asked him that why doesn’t he go in the Darbar to listen to Katha. Bhai Ajaib Singh told Baba Ji that the reason is that he enjoys walking around listening to Katha and reciting Gurbani at the same time, he said that he found it more peacefull. Baba Ji then asked him if he knew what Maharaj Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji says, Bhai Ajaib Singh went quiet. Baba Ji then said a Pangti to him, which was :

ਸੇਈ ਸੁੰਦਰ ਸੋਹਣੇ ॥
ਸਾਧਸੰਗਿ ਜਿਨ ਬੈਹਣੇ ॥

“They alone are beautiful and attractive , Who abide in the sadh sangat, the company of the Holy”
Baba Ji then said, who ever sits in Sangat are sohne, Baba Ji then told Bhai Ajaib Singh to start sitting in the Darbar to do Sangat.

Singh Sahib Baba Kulwant Singh Ji Hazur Sahib Wale one amritvela morning whilst doing seva in Sachkhand in the Takht Sahib, had Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj’s darshan and with Maharaj Sahib was Baba Thakur Singh Ji holding a garva. The next time they met Baba Ji and told them about this. Baba Ji said to them in nimritah that they are Singh Sahib, they are satkaar jog,they always do seva in a place at the Takht Sahib where no one else is allowed. Singh Sahib Ji replied by saying that Baba Ji you are more satkaar jog, that he had their darshan with Maharaj Sahib and Baba Ji is Maharaj Sahib Ji’s garvai,thus more satkaryog and poojnik.

Date: 10/09/2004
A Singh asked, that if Baba Ji is a Brahm Giani, what is the need for him to go hospital? Baba Ji’s answer was “Satguru Sahib Ji Di Kirpa Naal, I never feel pain”

Date: 24/09/2007 6.45am
Baba Ji’s did amolak bachan, “We are eating Mahapurakh’s kamai,we got respect because of Mahapurakh Sant Giani Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale” “At Sri Darbar Sahib I was listening to kirtan,Sant Ji came and sat down and listened to kirtan. After the Asa Di Vaar finished, Sant Ji got up and left, I don’t forget that day, Bhai Baldev Singh was doing kirtan, I don’t forget that day”.

Bhai Sukhwinder Singh ‘Sangha’ never had in his mind that he wanted to get married, he always had in his mind that he will stay single and do Baba Ji’s seva until his last breath. Once Sangha Ji was preparing the food for Baba Ji and when he brought it to Baba Ji, Baba Ji said “Sangha, You’ve done a lot of seva for me from your heart, Tere Bache Jeen” After Baba Ji went to Sachkhand, Sangha Ji got married and he has a baby boy. The sikhya here is, Mahapurakh’s bachan will always come true no matter what.

Baba Ji arrived at Australia airport, Giani Gurdev Singh and other singhs were at the airport waiting to greet Baba Ji. Their was a singh who had never seen Baba Ji before and never even seen a photo of Baba Ji. In the singhs mind was that Baba Ji will be really tall and big like Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale, when Baba Ji came out, all the singhs greeted Baba Ji and that singh was surprised that, is that Baba Ji? he’s so small. As soon as Baba Ji got in his car to go to his house whenever he looked at Baba Ji he started seeing Baba Ji in a very big roop. Even his car when he was taking Baba Ji to his home was moving to a side because of the weight of Baba Ji and the size of what he was seeing. As soon as he got home he told a singh that he did shanka on Baba Ji and now when ever he looks at them, that he sees them in a very big roop. The singh took him to Baba Ji and the singh started asking for forgiveness from Baba Ji, Baba Ji gave him an apple and said “everything will be alright. It isn’t me who's making you see things, its Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji that’s making you see things, Oh meri laaj rakhde neh”

Baba Ji phoned Giani Amolak Singh and said to them, “Everybody is saying on stage that Sant Ji’s in chardikala, there will be a time where no one will say this on stage”

Date: 09/09/2004
Gurcharan Singh did benti to Baba Ji to come to his house, Baba Ji replied you have got a alcohol bottle in your house, get rid of it first, the singh replied that none of my family members drink, we don’t have alcohol, Baba Ji repied that there is a bottle in the house, look all over again, when the Singh searched his house he found it.

Date: July 2002
Bhai Gurraj Singh was at the time very ill and he had to go back to leeds to get medical attention. At this period Bhai Gurraj Singh was with Baba Ji and the Jatha in Southall. When he came to leeds he got more ill and he started urinating blood. When he went to hospital the doctors checked him out and then sent him home. On the way home he got worse and his brother said that he will take him back to hospital but Bhai Gurraj Singh replied that he doesn’t want to go back because he’s just been there and they didn’t do anything. Then they went to the Gurdwara Sahib, did Maharaj’s darshan and went home. Once arriving at their home, He got more ill and he found it difficut to move because he was feeling dizzy, at this time the thought came to his head that only if he just stayed with Baba Ji and forgot about hospital appointments that he might have been alright and he started thinkng about Baba Ji, then a few minutes later the telephone rang and it was Baba Ji themselves ringing to ask how Bhai Gurraj Singh was, and then they explained to Baba Ji that what had happened and Baba Ji said that they wanted to speak to him. When Baba Ji spoke to Bhai Gurraj Singh, they told him to rest and told him to do Waaheguru simran and think of Shaheed Bhai Mani Singh Ji and in the morning everything will be ok. After that Bhai Gurraj Singh got better and blood stopped coming, and the illness didn’t come back again.

Baba Ji said in the U.K. that their will be 3 paghan (dastaran) that will get taken, meaning that there will be 3 people that start saying that they are Damdami Taksal’s Jathedar.

Baba Ji said that when Sant Giani Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale re-appear, there won't be that many singhs staying at Mehta, like their used to be.

Date: Sept 2001
Baba Ji said that their will be one day when our own Headquarters (Mehta) will announce that Sant Giani Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale is Shaheed. That they will announce it worldwide.

Date: Sept 2004
Baba Ji went for a walk in leeds on Wigton Lane which is a busy road. Baba Ji started walking on the road and the singhs that were with Baba Ji explained to Baba Ji that please walk on the pavement because its not the law here in England to walk on a busy main road. Baba Ji then made the singhs walk infront of him in the middle of the road and said “Singh gulam neh, par asi gulami de vich nahi rehna”. All the cars stopped and waited for Baba Ji even police came and they didn’t do nothing, infact all the cars waited and a few people realised that Baba Ji was a religious person and they did namashkar to them.

Baba Ji was watching the Punjab news and the rashtrapati (President of India) was giving medals to Hindus, Baba Ji watched and said “Go on, give out medals, when you have a Jang with the muslims, don’t come to us Sikhs for help”.

At Bhai Sarbjit Singh’s house in USA, Harnam Singh Dhumma asked Baba Ji regarding if Sant Ji is alive or if they were Shaheed in the 84 attack. Baba Ji said “Jo tu samaj da Mahapurakhan nu, oh nahi hai, Im not lying, why would I, Sant Ji is alive, he’s got a duty from the 10th Guru Sahib, Sant Ji is a Brahm Giani,and he will fulfill his duty”.

On Baba Ji’s last visit in the U.K. they told quite a few families to save their money, because when Sant Ji comes, they will need seva. For example Baba told a family in Southall where Baba Ji used to stay, to save their money and to send it to Sant Ji when he returns, also Baba told a family in Walsall and Baba Ji also told three Singh’s in Leeds to save their money aswell. Also Baba Ji said to the three Singh’s that make sure they come to India before the Jang because the Government will shut down all access to India including flights etc and you won’t have a chance to come after so make sure you come to India before the Jang starts.

Baba Ji was staying at Bhai Manna Singh’s house in Tividale and they said that the Vaddeh Mahapursh Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale’s said that “Singhan da dharheyan (beards) di laaj rakhan geh Maharaj Sahib”

Many times around the World where ever Baba Ji went, they always asked panj piare to do ardas for Sant Giani Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale’s Chardi Kala.

Bibi Narinder Kaur from Walsall went to spend some time at Sri Darbar Sahib, Amritsar. She did a lot of seva there. At one time while she was doing seva, a thought came into her mind, thinking that, she will just listen to the kirtan in the evenings at Sri Darbar Sahib and not the mornings. She didn’t tell anyone about this thought and straight away Baba Ji phoned her out of the blue and told her that make sure she listens to kirtan at Sri Darbar Sahib in the mornings and evenings.

There was a middle aged Singh living in the U.K., and once he came with his friends to do darshan of Baba Ji. This Singh was an Amritdhari Singh without a beard. His friend did benti to Baba Ji, saying that if they can do kirpa on him so his beard grows. Baba Ji told this singh to go to Sri Darbar Sahib in Amritsar and do seva there. Baba Ji told him to do jorean di seva and wipe the dust of the sangat’s feet and Maharaj Sahib will do kirpa on him and his beard will grow. This middle aged Singh now has a long beard.

There was a Singh, and he was leaving India to go abroad for a few months. When he arrived at the airport, the airport staff didn’t let him get on the plane with his kirpan on. He straight away telephoned Baba Ji and said “Kirpa Karo” and he explained to Baba Ji that the airport staff are not letting him take his kirpan on the plane, Baba Ji replied and told him not to worry, that it’s only for a little while, Sant Giani Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale will be coming soon to get Khalsa Raaj and then all the Singhs will be able to carry as many kirpans wherever they want. The Singh asked Baba Ji that how long until Sant Ji comes back, and Baba Ji replied that he will be back soon and that not to worry, that Maharaj Sahib will do kirpa.

Whenever Baba Ji met any Shaheed Singh’s family member, they always did their satkaar to the full. There was one time where Shaheed Bhai Sukhdev Singh Babbar’s wife met Baba Ji, and Baba Ji gave her and her family members a Siropa and did their satkaar. Bhai Sukhdev Singh Babbar’s singhanee also had conversation regarding Bhai Sukhdev Singh Babbar.

Bhai Manna Singh and Bhai Heera Singh was doing Baba Ji’s malish. Once they had finished, They helped Baba Ji to put on a choala. While they where helping to put on the choala, one of Baba Ji’s arm got stuck in the choala. Across the room their was Sant Giani Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale’s photo and Baba Ji put one of his arms towards the photo and said that “Come on back now from wherever you are, I’m getting old now, come on back quickly.”

Baba Ji did a Sampat Paath at Mehta for Sant Ji to come back, after the Paath’s bhog Baba Ji said that, if Sant Ji comes back right now that their will be a nuksaan (loss) for the Singhs, the government will not let the Singhs live. Sant Ji will return when their will be a Jang. Baba Ji also said that Sant Ji has a duty from Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji to get Khalsa Raj and put a Kesri Nishan Sahib on Laal Kila (Red fort).

Bhai Janak Singh came to Southall to visit Baba Ji. Baba Ji did his satkaar and was very happy to see him. Baba Ji gave him loads of fruit to eat and had a long conversation with him. When Bhai Janak Singh was leaving, Baba Ji specially got up of their bed and grabbed Bhai Janak Singh’s hand and specially walked them to their car. Bhai Janak Singh requested to Baba Ji that the wheather’s cold, that to go back inside, but Baba Ji replied that it doesn’t matter about the wheather, that who knows when we will meet again. That was the final time that Bhai Janak Singh did darshan of Baba Ji. Bhai Janak Singh passed away later on that year at Sri Hemkunt Sahib.

Bhai Hari Singh from Leicester, he is a Singh who is heavy in weight. He came to do Baba Ji’s darshan and Baba Ji said to him that he is in need of a massage on his legs because of his weight. Bhai Hari Singh laughed and replied that he will get one done. Bhai Hari Singh sat down and left the conversation at that. A few minutes later Baba Ji got up and said that they will massage his legs for him, Baba Ji had so much compassion. Hari Singh replied that he didn’t want Baba Ji to do the massage, that they shouldn’t, Baba Ji then got Khazan Singh to do Hari Singh’s massage on his legs. Baba Ji always looked after Singh’s, always wanted the best for any Singh, and wanted Singh’s to be fit, healthy and stay in Chardi Kala.

Sept 2002 Toronto, Canada.
Bhai Nishan Singh was telling Baba Ji about Sant Giani Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale’s speech that they made regarding Baba Ji. After Bhai Nishan Singh finished talking about Sant Ji’s speech, Baba said that some people say that Sant Ji is not around anymore. Baba Ji also said that all the beadbee that’s happening,when Sant Ji comes back,they will sort everything out. A Singh then asked Baba Ji that when will Sant Ji come back, Baba laughed and replied that when Sant Ji left they told him not to tell anyone where they are or when they will be back. Baba Ji then said that they are not telling lies, that Sant Ji will definetly come back but they can’t tell anyone when they will be back. Baba Ji also said that people think that he is an old man who is lying, but when Sant Ji returns then everyone will remember Thakur Singh was telling the truth.

Ik Jot

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A True Sant-A Humble General

Baba Thakur Singh ji Khalsa Bhindranwale was the one who guided Khalsa Panth after the horrific happenings of Bluestar and 84 Riots. There are people who think that Babaji lied to panth about Sant Jarnail Singh ji and mislead Panth. I would like to share some bachans and vision of Baba Thakur Singh ji, which he had for Panth. He was the most humble, loving and blessed son of Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj, who despite all the slanders and abuses of people stayed firm in his faith and carried on his mission. People, who don’t know his greatness should read these bachans and look in their hearts, are we anywhere near Babaji’s kamaai and Love for Sikhi.

1. In 1985, when Singhs of Taksal requested Babaji to take charge of Taksal and Gurudwara Gurdarshan parkash and hold a Shaheedi Samagam for Shaheeds of Bluestar, Babaji gave bachan to singhs that Sant Jarnail Singh ji is in Charhdi kala, we’ll hold Shaheedi Ardas for Shaheeds and Charhdi Kala ardas for Sant Jarnail Singh ji. All the singhs agreed to this and accepted Babaji’s leadership. The day bhog of Akhand Paath was held, there was Sangat in an area of 30 kilometres around headquarters of Taksal. Babaji asked Singhs that how many families of Shaheeds have come. Singhs replied Babaji we have thousands of families, its better if we give Rs.1100 and Siropa to each because we don’t have much money. Babaji smiled and said Singho, Shaheeds have given their life for Panth, we can do at least this much for them, Guruji will send sewa himself for these families. Within minutes, situation had changed. When the honouring started, it was money raining. Envelopes filled with thousands of rupees were coming from within Sangat and each family was given Siropa, medal and financial assistance in thousands. (This was a small example of Power of his Bachan)

2. When Bhai Manbir Singh ji Chaheru, General of KCF was killed in a fake encounter on 8th August 1986 and his body thrown in river, news reached Babaji. KCF was the Jathebandi created by Taksali Singhs to carry forward struggle and all had great love and devotion for Babaji. Babaji got serious for a moment and then did bachan ‘’ they have killed my General, now its time of theirs’’. Next day,On 10th August 1986, Gen. A.K. Vaidya was shot dead by Bhai Sukha-Jinda in Pune.

3. DGP of Punjab Police, Ribeiro was the one butcher police officer who started fake encounters in Punjab. He was at top of Hit-list of Jhujharoo Singhs. Mission was planned and singhs carried out necessary preparations. One singh, who was part of this mission met me in UK and told me this thing himself. Before going for mission, singhs went to take blessings of Babaji. Babaji closed his eyes for a minute and than said ‘Singho, dusht di kamaai baut aa, par fer v koshish kar lavo’. (The Dusht ribeiro has lot of good deeds and bhagti left, still you can try). Saying this Babaji blessed singhs. Next day 5 Singhs dressed in Punjab police uniform reached Ribiero’s residence. He was sitting in lawn in front of his house having tea with his wife. Guards on duty were unarmed by Singhs on pretext of search and tied. Ground was clear, and Singhs reached in front of his table and opened fire from their guns. Bullets hit Ribeiro and his wife and they fell down from their chairs. Singhs, assuming them to be dead, returned. But next day's newspapers shocked Singhs. Ribeiro had been ‘seriously’ injured and was in hospital while his wife was also critical. General Labh Singh had said that time in anguish ‘We should have cut off his head and sent it to Delhi’. When Singhs returned and told Babaji this thing, Babaji said ‘To kill a Dusht, you should have more kamaai of Naam than him, for this very reason Sant Jarnail Singh used to order Singhs to do Jaaps of Shabads, Chandi di vaar jaaps and Chalisa. Second option is you should wait till his good deeds and Bhagti finish and then it’s easy to finish them’.

(And today people boast of doing actions or killing dushts but cannot do so; reason is they don’t have bhagti like Sodhi or Baba Manochahal.)

4. Simranjeet Singh Maan was in Bhagalpur jail. In 1989, General elections were held in India. Baba Thakur Singh ji did Sampat Akhand Paath and Ardas for victory of Maan. He was in jail; still his party won all the 13 parliamentary seats of Punjab. He was freed from jail and brought to Punjab. It was a victory for Sikh freedom movement and now all the MP’s were Pro-Khalistan. But in these times , its very difficult to contain one’s haume and pride of power. Some of Maan’s assistants like Raam Singh asked him to make distance from Babaji, as Babaji was not ready to announce Santji’s Shaheedi. Maan started talking wrong about Babaji and started slandering him. Sangat told Babaji about this thing. Babaji smiled and said ‘ Singho, don’t worry. Guru ji is watching over our heads. He’ll protect our honour. He knows how much I did for this person and today this person is slandering me. Guru will do justice’. Babaji was so humble that he sent some Singhs also Maan to not create divisions over this issue as this was issue of Truth and falsehood, of Faith and Power of Guru and he should not use his worldly intellect in this issue. But Maan was so proud and pumped up by Raam singh and others that he refused to meet Babaji. Babaji said ‘The one who can give can also take back’. And what happened? The same Mr. maan who had 13 seats didn’t get even 3 seats in next elections. And today same Maan, who was once considered Greatest Leader of Khalistan movement doesn’t even get enough votes to win local municipality elections or a MLA seat. (The people who try to divide Panth over issue of ‘Shaheedi’ should think about it.)

5. In 1992 Punjab elections, all the Kharkoo Jathebandis and political parties of Akalis boycotted elections. Akalis did this due to a secret pact with Indian Government, but Kharkoo jathebandis were fooled to support this boycott. Only BTFK of Baba Manochahal called upon Panthis parties to fight elections. Sant Baba Thakur Singh ji personally met all the Akali Leaders and kharkoo jathedars to fight elections and support Panthic parties. But that time Baba Thakur Singh ji and Baba Manochahal were branded as ‘Agents of Congress and GOI’ and slandered. Babaji said ‘these people are going to push back movement by 20 years. Very soon this brutal government will finish all the Jathedars and millions of innocents would be killed, Movement will come to a halt and Punjab will be coloured in Blood of innocent Sikhs. If only these fools listen to me. They should fight elections; I’m ready to support Maan for chief minister, if he fights elections’. (This showed Babaji’s vision regarding Panth’s safety, how much he worried for Panth and sons of Panth).These words were echoed by Baba Manochahal too, But no one listened to them. Despite the boycott of elections by Akalis, Electios were held and hindus of Punjab voted. With just 22% votes, Congress came to power in Punjab and Beanta became Chief Minister and KP Gill the DGP. History’s most brutal massacre of Sikhs took place during these three years. Within a year of beant government, All the Jathedars of Kharkoo Jathebandis had been eliminated. Bhai Gurjant Singh Budhsinghwala of KLF, Bhai Sukhdev Singh Babbar of BKI, Bhai Talwinder Singh ji of BK and many others. Baba Manochahal(BTFK) was last to fall on 28th Feb 1993 and with his Shaheedi, Movement came to a halt, which is still in that position. Other leaders left Punjab and settled in Pakistan, where they are living till today.

If only Panth had listened to Baba Thakur Singh ji’s bachans , we would have reached somewhere near our mission, our aim. But egoistic and vision less leaders failed the Panth. What could have the lone Sant did? Truly as he said, movement was thrown back 20 years. Today’s generation will have to decide, recognize that who were Agents of Congress and who worked for Panth. Was Babaji congress agent or those who called for boycott of elections that time?

There are many more incidents and experiences, which will be shared with Sangat from time to time. Only thing I want to say is, before slandering babaji or those who follow his bachans, these over-enthusiastic people should see what their so-called leaders, Dals and federations and other Jathebandis have done for Panth in last 17 years, after movement came to a halt. It’s easy to slander a Mahapurakh, but difficult to pay for those slanders. And yes, I hope very soon these nindaks of Babaji will go to Akaal Takhat and re-start Dharam-yudh morcha again for Khalistan. If they do it, we’ll stand with them, if they can’t, its better they keep their mouths shut and do something for Panth, instead of creating divisions in Sangat in foreign countries.  

Sri Akaal ji Sahai

Ik Nishaana

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Jeevani Baba Thakur Singh ji Khalsa

(This brief sketch of Brahmgiani Baba Thakur Singh ji's life was written on 5th Barsi of Babaji, in Dec 2009 and distributed as a booklet in UK Sangat. No one can truly comprehend the Awastha or Power of a Brahmgiani, and we worldly kaljugi jeevs are not worth of writing or saying anything about Babaji's great Jeevan. We have decided to post this upon website so that Sangat around the world can have a short glimpse in Great life of Baba Thakur Singh ji Khalsa,True Son of Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj, Baba Thakur Singh Jiand lets all strive to walk on path of Sikhi ad Love of Guru.)

Glimpses of Baba Thakur Singh Jee (1915-2004)

This brief sketch of Baba Thakur Singh Jee’s life has been written on the 5th Barsi oftheir passing (2009). It aims to highlight in brief some of the greatness of Baba Jeeand has been written in a form in which, the reader can hopefully take practicallessons.Please forgive my mistakes in trying to write about Baba Jee’s Jeevan, please do send us your experiences with Baba Jee and feedback on this attempt, so we can try and make a more comprehensive biography in the future. The front cover picture is the last Gurfateh that Baba Jee uttered to UK Sangat at Heathrow Airport in 2004. A special thanks is made to www.kalexiko.com for the design and artwork for this publication. Thank you also to Sarbjeet Singh and Palvinder Kaur in proof-reading the drafts of this short biography and their insightful feedback.
Harjinder Singh (Walsall)
December 2009

Baba Jee’s early life
The Sikh nation’s respected religious personality, Baba Thakur Singh Jee was born
in 1915, village Eechogill, Dist Lahore (Pakistan) to the respected Baba Bahadur
Singh and Mata Prem Kaur Jee.
Both his parents were Amritdharee, who recited many prayers daily and had
unshakeable faith in Guru Sahib. After the partition they came to India, where in
village Sadaruala, near Makhu, Dist Ferozepur, they started to live. From birth Baba
jee was forever meditating, merciful, peaceful hearted, imbued with spiritual energy
and had unshakeable faith in Guru Jee. From a young age, they would not waste
their time playing or talking. When a little older, Baba Jee began helping his mother
and father in running the household. Whilst conducting his chores he would forever
attune his concentration to the one intoxicating Naam Simran.
From childhood, Baba Jee would share his earnings, food and belongings with
others as he saw Gods light in all and always inspired others to become engrossed
in Seva and Simran. Baba Jee’s mind forever longed to be in the precence and seva
of a true Gursikh/Brahmgiani. They learnt through others that Brahmgiani Sant
Gurbachan Singh Jee Khalsa along with his Jatha were doing Sikhi Parchar and that
they are respected for having profound knowledge and have the grace of Satguru Sri
Guru Gobind Singh Jee.
Baba Jee left home and went to Bhindra in Dist Moga where Khalsa Jee resided
(Sant Gurbachan Singh Jee will be referred to as Khalsa Jee henceforth); whilst
there Baba Jee took Amrit from Panj Pyare. Khalsa Jee recognised Baba Jee’s
spiritual state and thus put him in charge of Langar, this seva was performed with
much love and commitment and after 2½ years of Seva, Khalsa Jee accepted Baba
Jee into the Jatha and taught him the knowledge of God. Until Khalsa Jee went to
Sachkand (abode of truth, after leaving their mortal frame), Baba Jee did Seva of
Garveye (close associate) for 22 years; Khalsa Jee being happy with this Seva
blessed Baba Jee with many gifts. They blessed him with a great spiritual state and
said, ’’A time will come, when you will perform the greatest Seva of all.”
After Khalsa Jee went to sachkand, Baba Jee carried on his Seva of Langer of the
Sangat/congregation with Sant Giani Kartar Singh Jee Khalsa and forever remained
imbued in Naam Simran. Sant Giani Kartar Singh Jee had much respect for Baba
Jee & would discuss decisions to be made, with Baba Jee. This time was a critical
period for Sikhs as there were many efforts being made to silence the Sikh
community, as a political and faith group. Sant Kartar Singh Jee Khalsa held 37
major processions which woke the sleeping Sikh masses to realise their identity, as
Saint Soldiers.

Daily Recitals & Living
In terms of Baba Jee’s spiritual prowess and daily living, Baba Jee never separated
himself from the recitation of Gurbani. The recitation of Gurbani was kept continuous
in the presence of Baba Jee and they used to talk with others very little, Sevadars
would recite Gurbani all day and night in accordance to Baba Jee’s wishes. Even at
night when Baba Jee used to sleep, which was never more than a couple of hours,
the recitation of Gurbani continued. During Baba Jee’s life their daily Nitnem
changed, but as a basic guide – they used to recite the whole of the Panj Granthi
and then spend the rest of the day doing JapJee Sahib, Sukhmani Sahib or Chaupai
Sahib Recitals. If they were not listening or reciting Gurbani, they would be either
listening to Kirtan from Sri Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple) on TV or listening to
Katha, these were the 3 basic ingredients of their daily lifestyle. Anyone who visited
or met Baba Jee would bear witness to this. Baba Jee was a reflection of the
following verses,

What are they like - those who do not forget the Naam, the Name of the Lord?
Know that there is absolutely no difference; they are exactly like the Lord.
(Raag Aasa, Sri Guru Arjan Dev Jee, 397)
Those who do not forget the Lord, with each breath and morsel of food, whose
minds are filled with the Mantra of the Lord's Name
- They alone are blessed; O Nanak, they are the perfect Saints.
(Raag Gauree, Sri Guru Arjan Dev Jee, 319)

Baba jee was an epitome of humility, Sikhi is founded upon humility which is required
to efface ego, Maharaj says,
The humble beings abide in peace; subduing egotism, they are meek. The
very proud and arrogant persons, O Nanak, are consumed by their own pride.
(Sri Guru Arjan Dev Jee, Guari, Sukhmani Sahib, 278)
The God-conscious being is steeped in humility.
(Sri Guru Arjan Dev Jee, Guari, Sukhmani Sahib, 273)

Gursikhs would make requests for Baba Jee to visit their houses, so they could bless
their home and the family could then serve Baba Jee and the Sangat, with Langar.
When visiting such homes, sometimes the families would go to great lengths and
make elaborate arrangements, of fancy throws, sofas and beds with an array of
cushions. On many occasions Baba Jee would ignore the arrangements and just go
and sit on the floor. Upon entering the house the Singhs with Baba Jee would take
over the seva of serving Langar and serve the family and other Sangat present at the
house, many times Baba Jee would themselves serve the Langar to the Sangat.
Baba Jee would also give respect to Gursikhs when they visited him. Baba Jee and
the Singhs who were their sevadars would request visiting Gursikhs to say,
“Vaheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Jee Kee Fateh” and not bow down to Baba
Jee, Baba Jee would reply “Vaheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Jee Kee Fateh” to
all that visited him. When uttering the Fateh Baba Jee would always bow their head
in reverence and clasp their hands. Baba Jee would then give visiting Gursikhs
offerings of fruit or whatever Parshad was present. When they were pleased and
wanted to bless Gursikhs they would sometimes give boxes of fruit directly to one
person at a time. Sometimes Baba Jee would force Gursikhs to sit alongside them
on their asan/ bed, so as to be seated on a par to them and not to be seated any
lower than them. Only Baba Jee knows what virtues he saw in these Gursikhs
whom he gave an elevated status to. Some of these Gursikhs would be famous but
many would seem to be your everyday Sikh to a person with normal sight, and not
the sight of spiritual grace that Baba Jee had.

When Sant Gurbachan Singh Jee left his physical frame and passed away, Sant Kartar Singh Jee was appointed the next Jathedar of Damdami Taksal.Sant Gurbachan Singh Jee made this clear before his demise and their recordings from divans prove this. (Listen to this) Baba Thakur Singh Jee had fully supported Sant Kartar Singh Jee’s view and a new headquarters of Damdami Taksal was built at Mehta at the place where Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh
Jee breathed their last.

Giani Mohan Singh Jee and a lot of the other Taksal Singhs thought that he himself should be the next Jathedar of Damdami Taksal. Thus Giani Mohan Singh Jee was declared the next leader of the Taksal by a break off faction; they retained control of
the headquarters of Damdami Taksal (at the time) at Bhindra Kalan. During Baba Jee’s tenure as the leader of Damdami Taksal, the Jatha was passing through the area near to Bhindra and the Singhs did a supplication to Baba Jee, that they wanted to visit the Gurdwara at Bhindran and see the Akaal Kothi (where students of the Taksal had been blessed with the darshan/presence and sight of the 10 Gurus). Baba Jee accepted their desire. The Singhs and Baba Jee proceeded to tour the Gurdwara and had sight of the room (Akaal Kothi) where Sant Sundar Singh Jee Bhindra Vale (11th Jathedar of the Taksal) had made all the students of
Damdami Taksal at the time have the blessed sight of all the Ten Guru Sahibs. Guru Sahib had blessed Sant Sundar Singh Jee with their presence in the form of all 10 Gurus and then Sant Sundar Singh Jee got all the Singhs to also have their blessed sight (Darshan) (see Khalsa Jeevan by Sant Kartar Singh Jee, for the full version of this occurrence). One of the old custodians of Bhindra, who knew Baba Jee from their earlier days, was very offensive to Baba Jee. He spoke very harsh words, but Baba Jee ignored his comments and acted in humility, saying nothing and they also told the Singhs not to react. Baba Jee chose rather to follow Bhagat Fareed Jee’s advice:

Fareed, do not turn around and strike those who strike you with their fists.
Kiss their feet, and return to your own home.
(Bhagat Fareed Jee Saloks, 1378)
Fareed, answer evil with goodness; do not fill your mind with anger.
Your body shall not suffer from any disease, and you shall obtain everything.
(Bhagat Fareed Jee Saloks, 1381)

Baba Jee proceeded to the building where Giani Mohan Singh Jee resides, however
the outer gate was locked and Baba Jee had requested Giani Jee’s company to
have a chat, but Giani Jee chose not come out to talk. Baba Jee from the outer gate
made a humble supplication to Giani Mohan Singh Jee and said in a loud voice
“Giani Jee the world is burning in the fire of kaljug, please do parchaar of gursikhi
and be benevolent.”
The Singhs then proceeded to leave Bhindra.
This was the greatness of Baba Jee, he did not go to Bhindra and try taking the
Gurdwara by force as he could have done, but instead Baba Jee went and said you
are a great Giani (man of knowledge) please do parchaar (preaching) and let’s move
on from the past. At the time of Baba Jee’s visit, the administration of Bhindra was in
a pitiful state as the Jatha Singhs had a dispute with the villagers and there was a
heightened situation of conflict. Giani Mohan Singh Jee was not doing parchaar and
was very reclusive at the time. Subsequently, now Giani Mohan Singh does Katha at
least once a month at Bhindra.

Organisational impact
Baba Jee had an organisational/ strategic impact upon Gurmat Parchaar and Sikh
political life in a number of ways. First and foremost Baba Jee led Damdami Taksal
for a turbulent 20 years (during the 80s and early 90s, the Sikh freedom movement
led to many Sikhs taking to arms in militancy). After Operation Blue Star, Baba Jee
had to go underground, due to the extreme pressure the Damdami Taksal was under
and the murderous attitude of the government regime. For 12 months Baba Jee lived
with a number of Gursikh families, whom he personally trusted, Baba Jee would stay
with each family for 8-12 weeks and then change location. For 12 months (June
1984 – June 1985,) Baba Jee kept a low profile, after which he took up the
leadership of Damdami Taksal. Sant Jarnail Singh Jee Bhindra Vale had already
stated that the leadership of Damdami Taksal was that of Baba Thakur Singh Jee’s
in their absence and that no-one should question the actions of Baba Jee.

Please check Here the full recording.

Thus there was no opposition to Baba Jee taking up this role, within the Singhs of
Damdami Taksal as they already knew of Sant Jee’s guidance. Baba Jee was
already highly respected and regarded by the Singhs who were students of
Damdami Taksal. Baba Jee was the one who had appointed Sant Jarnail Singh Jee
as the 14th Jathedar of Damdami Taksal, before the demise of Sant Kartar Singh Jee
– He had stated that the leadership of the Taksal is that of Baba Thakur Singh’s and
they can give it to whoever they feel fit. Subsequently after Sant Kartar Singh Jee
left their mortal frame Baba Jee immediately appointed Sant Jarnail Singh Jee the
next leader of Damdami Taksal. Sant Jee would rise when Baba Jee entered the
room that they were residing in, and would also say to the Singhs that if you want to
see God, then do Darshan of Baba Thakur Singh Jee, this was the respect that Sant
Jarnail Singh Jee bestowed upon Baba Jee. Sant Jee would take Baba Jee’s
guidance on all major decisions that they made, as did Sant Kartar Singh Jee during
their tenure as the leader of the Taksal.
In accordance with Baba Jee’s influence and role, when Rajeev Gandhi came into
power he wanted to try and diffuse the situation with the Sikhs and he sent a
delegation to Baba Jee, to discuss bringing an end to the insurgency. Bhai Mokham
Singh was well aware of the leading advisors coming to meet Baba Jee and he was
quite concerned with the situation, he feared Baba Jee may just ignore the advisors
and not even entertain dialogue with them. The meeting was arranged to take place
at Mehta, however Baba Jee was in Amritsar at the time and thus he had to travel to
get back to Mehta (about a 30 minute drive). When the advisors came they said that
the government wants to discuss ending the Sikh insurgency, Baba Jee simply
asked them, ‘Where have you come from?’
Advisors: We have come from Delhi
Baba Jee: Did you get stopped on your way from Delhi to Mehta?
Advisors: No
Baba Jee: Well I have just come from Amritsar and my car was stopped and
searched 7 times, you want peace with us, stop this discrimination and
then we will consider dialogue.
Baba Jee did not entertain them with anymore conversation and they want back to
RaJeev Gandhi with their tales between their legs.

In 1986 Baba Jee’s advice was sought of how the movement should be taken
forward and Baba Jee said 5 Singhs should be appointed to lead the Panth (nation).
Subsequently on 26th January 1986 a Sarbat Khalsa (gathering of the Sikh Nation)
was called and a Panthic Committee was formed (committee comprising 5 Singhs,
Bhai Aroor Singh, Bhai Gurdev Singh Usman Vala, Baba Gurbachan Singh
Manochahal, Bhai Vassan Singh Zafferwal & Bhai Dhanna Singh). After Operation
Blue Star the government was in a hurry to bring normality to Punjab or diffuse the
situation and in their haste they sponsored Baba Santa Singh of Buddha Dal to rebuild
the desecrated and damaged Sri Akaal Takhat Sahib. The Sikh nation was
outraged, that, first the government destroys Sri Akaal Takhat Sahib, and then
quickly re-builds it, by sponsoring Baba Santa Singh with a lucrative budget. This
added fuel to the fire of the attack on the dignity of the Sikhs, and as a result, the
Sikhs decided to tear down the government built Sri Akaal Takhat Sahib.
The Sri Akaal Takhat Sahib was built by the 6th Guru, Sri Guru Har Gobind Sahib
Jee, Baba Buddha jee and Bhai Gurdas Jee, in its original form as the Akaal Bunga.
Only true worshippers of Akaal (the immortal Lord) can build or be custodians of the
re-building of Sri Akaal Takhat Sahib, which is what Sri Guru Har Gobind Sahib Jee
had uttered when the original structure was built, hence only Baba Buddha Jee and
Bhai Gurdas Jee were allowed to assist in it’s building. The Akaal Takhat is the
highest temporal seat of the Sikh faith and boldly proclaims the independence of
Sikhs in all worldly matters, but obedience to God and His edicts in matters of faith.
Thus the rebuilding of Sri Akaal Takhat Sahib by those who had desecrated and
attacked it, was always out of the question.
Initially after the demolition of the government sponsored Sri Akaal Takhat Sahib,
different Sants were given the seva of re-building it, but none of them were up to the
humongous task ahead of them. The re-building had a stop and start fashion to it
and in the end Baba Jee took on the leadership of the re-construction project, after
which, the re-construction made steady progress.
As the leader of the Taksal, during the years of militancy, Baba Jee guided many
militant organisations who sought his advice, Baba Jee attended many overt and
covert meetings with the leaders of militant and political organisations. Alongside
supporting the armed struggle, Baba jee also financially supported the families of
Shaheeds as much as he could. In 1999 in a press interview the children of
Shaheed Bhai Beant Singh Jee (who had assassinated Indira Gandhi) stated that it
was only Baba Thakur Singh Jee and the Damdami Taksal who had given them true
financial and moral support after the passing away of their parents (Bhai Beant Singh
in 1984 and Bibi Bimal Kaur Jee a few years later). Also Mata Harmeet Kaur Jee the
wife of Shaheed Bhai Amrik Singh Jee (President of All Sikh Students Federation)
relied on Baba Jee to support her in the marriage of her daughter Bibi Sandeep
Kaur, Baba Jee took on the whole wedding arrangements and Mata Jee had no
stress in organising anything. Baba Jee also brought a car for Bhai Tarlochan Singh
Jee the son of Shaheed Bhai Amrik Singh Jee, saying that “A son of such a great
Shaheed should not go to college on a bike, scooter or motorcycle.” These are just
a few examples of the respect given to the families of Shaheeds, the families
themselves know the true extent of the moral, physical and financial support they
Many questions have been raised against Baba Jee’s role in not declaring Sant
Jarnail Singh Bhindra Vale Shaheed and some have alleged that this led to many
Sikhs sitting and waiting for Sant Jee to re-appear. Nowhere did Baba Jee ever
openly state to the Sangat, “Sant Jee is coming back, so wait until he comes back
and he’ll take care of all issues relating to Sikh freedoms.”
To the contrary Sant Jee
themselves in their speeches openly declare that the day that the Indian Army put
their irreverent feet into the precincts of Sri Harmander Sahib (Golden Temple) to
attack it, the Sikhs do not have to wait for any call or signal they should take to arms
and do what is necessary immediately. Similarly notable leading figures of militancy
such as Bhai Harjinder Singh Jinda and Bhai Sukhdev Singh Sukha (Sukha and
Jinda) believed Baba Jees bachan and this went down in the annals of history in
their writings (please see the compilations of their “Jail Chiitian” letters from jail).
Even though they believed Baba Jee’s words about Sant Jee returning, they
remained active in the movement and didn’t wait for Sant Jee to re-appear they got
on with the mission in hand. So the argument about Baba Jee stating Sant Jee is
still alive stopped people getting involved in the movement is dumbfounded. Bhai
Harjinder Singh Jinda and Bhai Sukhdev Singh Sukha were very close to Baba Jee.
The clothes they wore when they were hanged were gifted to them from Baba Jee
and they felt honoured to be wearing these clothes for their hanging and martyrdom
Shaheed Bhai Joginder Singh Harchowal had been arrested by the Central Reserve
Police Force (CRPF) and was incarcerated in Pathankot jail. In the cell that he was
in, there was a picture of Baba Deep Singh Jee Shaheed. One day he looked up at
the picture and he remembered Baba Jee and Mehta. While looking up at the
picture he made a heartfelt supplication (Ardas) and said please help me. He thought
that he will probably get martyred one day, but he wanted to serve the Sikh Panth for
atleast another year, this was his heart’s desire. After he completed making this
supplication, all of a sudden Baba Thakur Singh appeared in front of him, Baba Jee
was wearing white clothes with a Kirpan drawn from it’s sheath in their hand. Baba
Jee said to Joginder Singh that his death is in Guru Sahib’s hands, that whatever
Maharaj wants, that will happen. Baba Jee then told him to escape and that the
security agencies will not be able to halt his escape. At this time the prison guards
were playing cards outside, thus they were not paying attention. Bhai Joginder
Singh put his hand on the cell door and to his amazement, the door opened when he
turned the handle. He slowly started walking out and he got scared, thinking that if
the police ask where he is going that he will just tell them that he is going to the
toilet. But to his amazement the police didn’t even see him and he walked straight
past them. He then reached the exterior wall of the prison, he couldn’t jump over the
wall because his body was in such a terrible state after being tortured. All of a
sudden heavy winds started and he reached the other side of the wall with the
assistance of the wind, it was like someone had thrown him over the wall. At that
point outside there were more police officers surrounding the area, but still no one
could see him. He made his escape on foot and after about 4km he came to a
village that he was familiar with, he entered the village and borrowed some money
and went straight to Mehta. When he arrived at Mehta, Baba Jee was standing at
the gates waiting for him. Baba Jee held his hand and took him to their room and
asked how he was and then fed him Langar. Baba Jee in his humility denied helping
Bhai Joginder Singh when he narrated what had happened and how he had escaped
from jail. But Bhai Joginder Singh knew the truth and told other Gursikhs of how he
had been helped, he served the Panth for a little longer as he wished and then
attained Shaheedi (martyrdom).
Baba Jee always came across as a very simple Gurmukh, Gurmukhs have the
following traits,
Listening to the teachings of the Guru, the Sikh becomes wise internally
though apparently he looks a simpleton.
He with full care keeps his consciousness attuned to the Word and
listens to nothing except the words of Guru.
(Bhai Gurdas Jee, Vaar 4)

No-one could have ever guessed that Baba Jee was involved in militancy or
supported it, he seemed like a very peaceful Saint, who cared not for worldly matters
and was just imbued in Naam. Those who were involved and those who are still
involved, although, know a completely different story. To learn more one should
approach Singhs recently arrested in militancy and even those involved in the
freedom struggle who can speak of their personal experiences with Baba Jee. One
should although approach people from a wide array of Jathebandhis/organisations
and you will be shocked to learn of the diversity of those who visited and sought
Baba Jee’s advice.
In comparison to Sant Jarnail Singh Jee, Baba Jee did not openly oppose the
government and chose to speak very little, so Babe Jee very quietly went about their
work whereas Sant Jee was in direct conflict with the government of the day. The
difference of Baba Jee and Sant Jee was their style of leadership, but the ultimate
aim was the same – to get Sikhs their rights and freedom.
In the year 2000 a Sikh wanted for militant activities was traced to be present at
Gurdwara Gurdarshan Parkash and the police surrounded the Gurdwara. Baba Jee
was furious and he came out shouting at the police, “You think you can find
something incriminating here, look where you want! Singh’s open all the rooms so
they can search” Baba Jee was well aware of the presence of the Singh in the
Gurdwara and he was discreetly taken to the back of the Gurdwara and he entered
the village lanes and escaped unscathed.
Outside of India, Sikhs across the globe were also affected by events in Punjab and
were themselves, awoken to their nationhood, and duties as Sikhs. In the UK- the
International Sikh Youth Federation (ISYF) was set up by Singh Sahib Bhai Jasbir
Singh Rode in 1985. Subsequently the ISYF became factionalised into 3 groupings.
When Baba Jee first came to the UK in 1996 the 3 factions were very opposed to
one another, they would all meet Baba Jee and discuss Panthic affairs with them. A
point came when all 3 groupings were complaining of being politically attacked by
groups who opposed them, theologically and politically, and Baba Jee said to them
you will continue to be attacked until you unite and become one voice. Discussions
were held by the factions and under Baba Jee’s guidance they became unified once
again, and to this day they continue to be so.
Under Baba Jee’s leadership two further Gurdwaras were built. Gurdwara Shaheed
Ganj B-block was built in Sri Amritsar in memory of the Shaheeds of the encounter
with Nakali Nirankaris of 1978. At Sri Anandpur Sahib on Kiratpur Sahib Road a
Gurdwara was built to benefit visiting Sangats.

Damdami Taksaal – An Educational Institute
The Damdami Takal in its simplest sense is a school for education in Sikh principles
and ethics. The mode of education is to get students to first become fluent in
Gurmukhi and then to take Gurbani Santhiya (become proficient in the correct
pronunciations of Gurbani), and to eventually become educated as a Granthi (reader
of Gurbani), Raagi (hymn singer), Kathavachak (preacher) or Dhadi (bard singer).
Students while being educated also have to live a life according to Gurmat principles
and attend Diwans and do Seva in the Gurdwara Sahib.
When the freedom struggle of Sikhs lost momentum, particularly so after 1992, the
Damdami Taksal returned to its core function of educating Sikhs in the
aforementioned roles. Under Baba Jee’s leadership many Sikhs were educated as
Granthis, Kathavachaks and Kirtanis. Between the years 1996-2004 on average
there were approximately 250 students annually being educated by the Taksal.
Additionally, Jathas of Singhs were sent across India and the globe to do Gurmat
Parchaar and many Amrit Sanchaars (initiation ceremonies) were held. Baba Jee
thus invigorated Sikhi Parchaar (propagation of faith) by facilitating the education of
countless Gursikhs. The many Gianis, Kirtanis and Granthis across the world can
attest to this fact.
In 1999 many Amrit Sanchars were held and miracles such as Amrit coming out of
the walls were witnessed by those getting initiated, this happened on a number of
occasions during Baba Jee’s leadership, but it was very prevalent in 1999. Baba Jee
used to ensure that those Singh’s who conducted Amrit Sanchaars were of a strong
discipline and at times Baba Jee would order them to do certain numbers of
recitations. For example on one visit to Sri Hazur Sahib Baba Jee told all the Singhs
that they have to recite 25 Sri JapJee Sahibs on a daily basis, whilst they are at Sri
Hazur Sahib and if they don’t they will get leprosy. One of the Singhs who was
involved in the seva for Amrit Sanchaars chose not to do the full 25 Sri JapJee
Sahibs and a few Singhs were suspicious of this, they asked him and he wouldn’t
give a straight answer and they said you should accept Baba Jee’s command. A few
days passed like this and then they noticed he had started developing deformities on
his skin, they then scorned him and told him you are getting leprosy, don’t waste any
more time, get your recitation on track and catch up, on the Sri JapJee Sahib
recitations that you have missed. He did this and he made a full recovery.
Many people questioned Baba Jee's powers and knowledge, just because they
chose to speak very little. Gurbani says:
To speak too much and babble is useless.
Even without our speaking, He knows everything.
(Raag Dhanasree, Sri Guru Nanak Dev Jee, 661)

The Sikh of the Guru speaks less, sleeps less and eats little.
(Bhai Gurdas Jee, Vaar 32)

They also say Baba Jee did not teach Gursikhs himself, but those who met or did
Sangat of Baba Jee would see the lifestyle of a true Gursikh in front of their eyes,
thus learn by seeing true Gurskhi Jeevan (Sikh lifestyle). Baba Jee would teach
those who wanted to learn from them and those who did their Sangat would be given
new teachings everyday. Just spending one day with Baba Jee would tire a normal
person, the non-stop reading of Gurbani and doing Sangat, which is all that they did,
they did not like wasting their breath by talking but chose rather to engross every
second in to devotion.
One Gursikh did get Santhiya (learning the correct pronunciations) off Baba Jee, and
many did think about getting Santhia off Baba Jee, but were too scared of following
their commands on the level of recitation required and they would not tolerate any
slackness in the student. In the Pothi (anthology) “Gurbani Paath Darpan,” the
Taksal Maryada (conduct) for learning Santhiya is outlined, it states that when
having Santhiya the student should read the relevant sections of Gurbani Paath
Darpan 25 times (this is to check pronunciations and learn where to pause and take
breath) and then read the Gurbani Paath that they are having Santhiya of 25 times
as well. For example if one were having Santhiya of 10 Ang of Sri Guru Granth
Sahib on a daily basis, this level of recitation would take the average person 6-8
hours. But having Santhiya from Baba Jee was even stricter, the Gursikh who did
have Santhiya from Baba Jee was only taught 2-3 Angs and then he used to have to
go away and read those 2-3 Angs for about 8 hours at a time and then return for his
next lesson. Even those Gursikhs who used to recite Gurbani to Baba Jee on a daily
basis would be told of their mistakes in their recitations and once Baba Jee made
one such Sikh recite Sri Jaap Sahib 100 times as he had minor pronunciation errors.
In terms of other organisational impacts the Damdami Taksal has been opposed to
the interference with Sikh affairs by political parties and especially so in the
custodianship of Gurdwaras. Many Sikhs agreed with this view and to increase the
political leverage of this voice, Baba Jee created the Sant Samaj. The Sant Samaj
was a coming together of an array of saints and traditional schools of thought
(sampradiyas), they acted as a catalyst for parchaar when doing joint programmes
and had a very close relationship with Singh Sahib Bhai RanJeet Singh Jee (ex
Jathedar of Sri Akaal Takhat Sahib). If any edicts they opposed were under
discussion by the SGPC, they managed a collective representation and became a
force to be reckoned with. Sadly after Baba Jee’s demise, the Sant Samaj has little
unity and direction.

Respecting Gurbani
When Baba Jee was only a few years old everyone in his village noticed he was
different from ordinary children. Instead of spending time talking or playing Baba Jee
would immerse himself in Seva and in Naam Simran at all times. One time as the
children were playing outside, some villagers saw Baba Jee carrying some planks of
wood. They began to wonder what Baba Jee was doing. Using a few tools he had
borrowed from someone Baba Jee started to work on the wood he had bought while
constantly keeping the name of Akaal Purakh on his lips. After a few days Baba Jee
had finished his work, and the villagers who were watching what Baba Jee was
doing, saw that he had made a Manjee Sahib (small throne). Baba Jee took this
Manjee Sahib into his house and placed a new cloth on it, along with a new Rumalla
Sahib. When he had done this he placed his Gutka Sahib (small prayers anthology)
on the throne. Baba Jee also made a Chaur Sahib. After preparing some sweets with
the help of Mata Prem Kaur Jee, Baba Jee called out to all the children in the village
to come to his house. They were curious as to what Baba Jee had been doing, so
almost all the children who heard Baba Jee’s call went to his house. As they entered
Baba Jee’s house he asked them to remove their shoes and wash their hands, feet
and faces with water that he had brought in a jug. He then took them inside and told
them to bow before their Guru (the Gutka Sahib/Gurbani). After all the children had
done darshan of Guru Sahib and had spent some time reciting Gurbani, Baba Jee
began to distribute the sweets that he had prepared with his mother.
Baba Jee taught the Gursikhs who were lucky enough to do their sangat the
following lessons in respecting Gurbani:
1) Always read Gurbani from an elevated physical position, so for example if you
are going to read Gurbani in your living room, sit on the sofa which is at
highest level from the floor, so that when you are reading Gurbani it is from
the highest point possible. The aim being that you don’t sit on a higher point
to conduct worldly actions but then sit on a lower point when reading Gurbani;
2) Baba Jee always ensured that the sevadar who would be reciting Gurbani to
them was seated on a platform higher than them and at the end of the bed
where Baba Jee’s head was, to ensure that Baba Jee’s feet would not be in

the direction of the Gutka Sahib or towards where Gurbani was being recited;
3) Baba Jee always ensured that they never slept with their feet towards Gutka
Sahibs or towards photos of elevated Sikh personalities that we all respect
Baba Jee’s advice to all that visited them for anything was always simple; read and
recite Gurbani. This is what they did their whole lives and this what they preached.
If you want to have a glimpse of the true life of Baba Thakur Singh Jee, I suggest
you try spending one day where you don’t talk to anyone and all you do is Simran &
Gurbani Paath for 24 hours. Then we may come near to knowing the exalted state
that Baba Thakur Singh Jee had and the spiritual enlightenment that such heartfelt meditations bring.

The passing of Baba Jee has left a void in many people’s lives, which can only be
filled by obeying their commands to recite and pray, day and night. We can only
become great like them, by doing what they did, live and breathe Sikhi.

Authors Concluding Remarks
Five years on from the passing of Baba Jee, no biography has been written, nor has
a true commemoration been built to them. Unfortunately, at Mehta where Baba Jee
was cremated, there have been no efforts to build a memorial to them. Instead the
current custodians of Mehta have chosen to put up a billboard about the Taksal at
the place of cremation. We hope and pray that the Sangat’s wishes to build a
commemoration to Baba Jee at Mehta are fulfilled one day.
Much has been said about Baba Jee and much slander has taken place, Guru Sahib
in the form of Bhagat Kabeer Jee instructs us:
Slander me, slander me - go ahead, people, and slander me.
Slander is pleasing to the Lord's humble servant.
Slander is my father, slander is my mother. ||1||Pause||
If I am slandered, I go to heaven;
The wealth of the Naam, the Name of the Lord, abides within my mind.
If my heart is pure, and I am slandered,
Then the slanderer washes my clothes. ||1||
One who slanders me is my friend; the slanderer is in my thoughts.
The slanderer is the one who prevents me from being slandered.
The slanderer wishes me long life. ||2||
I have love and affection for the slanderer.
Slander is my salvation.
Slander is the best thing for servant Kabeer.
The slanderer is drowned, while I am carried across. ||3||20||71||
(Raag Gauree, Bhagat Kabeer Jee, 339)
Let no one slander the Saints, because the Saints and the Lord are one.
(Raag Sohee, Bhagat Kabeer Jee, 793)

We should refrain from idle gossip and slander. Are we ourselves spiritually
elevated to comprehend all that God does and the ways of His Gurmukhs? We
would be better guided to stay quiet on such matters or we will ourselves drown as
Bhagat Kabeer Jee has stated above.
Those Gursikhs who are truly gifted and blessed by Vaheguru (The Wonderful
Enlightener) are not subject to vice and virtue, Maharaj says,
One who knows the Lord in the fourth state, is not subject to virtue or vice.
(Sri Guru Nanak Dev Jee, Raag Gauree, 943)
These Gursikhs get to a stage called Turi Pad or what is commonly referred to as the
fourth state of mind which is above Rajo, Tamo & Sato Gun (actions of status,
passion and virtue). They become truly immersed in Vaheguru and become no
longer bound by actions. Maharaj says,

The Supreme Lord (God) and His devotees are one and the same. There is no
fraction of duality in them (no difference between them).
(Sri Dasam Guru Granth Sahib, 136)

As it is impossible to describe God and put His praise into words, similarly it is also a
nigh-impossible task of trying to describe His Gurmukhs. The glimpses described
herein of Baba Jee, are simply that, glimpses. They are a mere stone’s throw into
the ocean that was Baba Thakur Singh Jee.

Posted by Kamaljeet Singh Shaheedsar on Saturday, December 11. 2010


Shaheedi Bhai Sukha-Bhai Jinda

Bhai Sukha Jinda

An Independent Sikh State will be a reality one day,there will be Khalsa Raaj and Kesri Nishan will rise high in Skies.There is no way blood of thousands of Singhs,Singhanis and Bhujangis of this Kaum will be wasted.The mission,the dream we had in our eyes will be fulfilled,if not by present,then Next Generation!We'll live with Freedom or not live at all.Because Guru Gobind Singh ji gave us slogan of 'Nische Kar Apni Jeet karoo' or ''Att hee Rann meh tab jhoojh maroo''.Either we Win or we Die. Khalsa never loses a War, we will not! Death is a victory in itself,because you dont have to face defeat. Sant Jarnail Singh ji taught us ' Jeena Anakh naal,Marna Dharam layi'(To live,live with honour,to die,die for faith) and We are proud that we got to die for our faith. (Bhai Sukha - Bhai Jinda,Jail chithiyan)

Dhan Bhai Sukhdev Singh ji Shaheed
Dhan Bhai Harjinder Singh ji Shaheed

Posted by Kamaljeet Singh Shaheedsar on Friday, December 10. 2010

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